The Words of the Jenkins Family

Prayer Request: Mrs. Hyeshik Schanker, Wife Of Rev. Schanker Has Been Hospitalized

Michael Jenkins
September 11, 2007

Dear Family,

Please pray for Mrs. Hyeshik Schanker, the wife of our beloved leader Rev. Phillip Schanker. She was hospitalized in NJ over the weekend as she has gone into a semi comatose state. The doctors are still reviewing her condition.

All vital signs are good. She is responding to Rev. Schanker and family. Mie her daughter and Rev. Schanker were by her side through the weekend. The whole family is joining her today.

They are demonstrating incredible faith and gratitude to God and True Parents. My wife and I visited on Sunday. Dr. Yang and I visited last night, she responded to us last night as she has been doing with Rev. Schanker and family. She opened her eyes and indicated awareness, however her situation is serious.

We need your prayers. No flowers or cards are desired at this time. Will update you soon.



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