The Words of the Jenkins Family

A Beautiful Morning At EG

Michael Jenkins
September 11, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Have you longed to be with True Parents? Many of you have shed many tears to be with Father and Mother and to receive such True Love.

Father has opened the door here in America at East Garden. He is so happy this morning to see western brothers and sisters. He is giving so much love to Americans. Father decided to have Hoon Dok Hae in the big room so all members can come. This is completely out of love.

Usually you can only come to HDH in Chung Jeong Goong when you are on an approved list. Usually here at East Garden Father has HDH in the waterfall dining room and then only with key leaders. However, something has moved Father here in America.

Father decided to open the door for all brothers and sisters and families. Father loves America so much. Nothing brings him more joy that to see brothers and sisters who have filial piety to God. Many wonderful brothers and sisters came from Washington D.C., NY, NJ, Boston and Bridgeport.

Each and every morning Father is welcoming blessed families, members, Amb. for Peace and Clergy. Father's heart is so open and embracing.

He is giving so much to us here. The contents are profound.

All are welcome - come from every district. Drive in, fly in, stay with friends and attend our True Parents with a heart of filial piety. Bring your HDFC colleagues and the Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace. Come with your heart and receive the heart of God's True Love

Make your plan - come from Hawaii and Alaska, from LA, SF, Seattle, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus, Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Washington D.C., NY, NJ.

Come forth America and celebrate the day of the coming of the Lord.

You can receive so much at this time. There is incredible love here at East Garden.

It's God's Time in America and the World.

Thanks America.



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