The Words of the Jenkins Family

9 - 11 Prayer at Ground Zero

Michael Jenkins
September 11, 2007

Dear Family,

We are here in New York City on Tuesday, September 11, 2007. 6 years ago we were here on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Pastor Jesse and Mrs. Edwards, Rev. Abernathy, Mr. Muhammad Khan, Rev. Murray and a member of parliament from Africa went to ground zero tonight to pray.

It was very moving. When we got there instead of seeing a lot of tourists or curiosity seekers we found so many families, firemen, police and others praying in front of pictures and flowers of their loved ones. The sacrifice made on that day makes ground zero such a solemn place in which everyone feels like turning to God. The atmosphere was holy tonight. Anyone who went there would feel that this place has become a holy place.

Immediately we became somber and sincere. There was an individual silently in prayer before the picture of a fireman that fell on 9 -11. He stood so reverently in prayer for a long time softly sobbing. It a holy act to see our brother praying like this.

We joined hands after we had looked at the pictures of those who were lost. One was very moving, it was a note from a daughter to her Father who died that day. It said, "We miss you daddy." We joined our hands together and each of us prayed. Automatically people gathered around us just to be connected with such a spiritual activity.

We went to a memorial for the FDNY. Firemen and Policemen who obviously were there 6 years ago and lost their brothers and sisters were there in meditation and some wept. I overheard one mention that this was the first year he could actually come directly to the location since 2001.

As we went to different areas around the site it was moving to see the pictures attached to the fence and the flowers everywhere. Whenever there is great sacrifice - people become sincere and serious. You couldn't help but feeling that it was not only our people who were attacked on that day, but it was God's people and God's nation that was struck. America was attacked because America is in a central providential role to bring unity of all faiths and peoples.

The forces of darkness and evil struck this blow on 9-11 to try to divide the faith leaders of this nation and destroy America. Jews, Muslims, Christians and all faiths were struck that day and many died from all nations and religions.

On 9-11 evil tried to divide the people of faith and take this nation off course, but this has not happened. On the contrary, tonight we were encouraged to feel and tangibly realize that faith leaders have been awakened to the critical need to come together as Christians, Muslims and Jews and people of all faiths to lead the people to embrace one another with love. We must end the era of hate and fear.

As you see the pictures and remember the spirit of six years ago, the best of America comes out at such times. The best of America was there tonight in tears and reverence. Ambassadors for Peace from our conference who came separately from us were there and we happened to meet them.

They were from Japan and two of them were Buddhist religious leaders who wanted to pray. When we joined together in prayer it was a beautiful thing to see people come around to be a part. Joining in with all races and faiths - the Buddhist prayed, Mr. Muhammad Khan prayed in Arabic and English with a beautiful Muslim prayer and Rev. Jesse Edwards offered a prayer as a Christian.

As we prayed there on Church street where many flowers and memorials have been established again people gathered around to connect with God. People were grateful - especially that the faiths could gather. That is the kind of greatness God instilled in America and that is the spirit that True Parents are bringing to the world.

Tomorrow on September 12th, we will celebrate the founding of the Abel UN two years ago - the Universal Peace Federation with True Parents. This is the new day of hope, after we overcome the day of sacrifice and sorrow.

UPF is succeeding to instill the hope that all people of faith and conscience will come together to end the ways of war. This is being lifted up tomorrow on September 12th. The Universal Peace Federation is destined to rise and lead the way to inter-religious harmony and cooperation and a culture of heart.

Today is the day of hope. We pray that the Ambassadors for Peace will be strengthened and will fulfill their role from the Middle East to North and South Korea. That we will see the era of blessed families and peace between all humanity.

I am deeply grateful that I could shed tears with Americans, Ambassadors for Peace from many nations and races at ground zero on 9-11. It is so important that we take a moment to pray in tears that America truly heals from this incredible condition of indemnity and rises up to heal the world. As this occurs - the sacrifice of all who were lost in New York, Shanksville and the Pentagon will not have been in vain.

Thanks America.


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