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Ladies Day at EG - Sunday, 9-16, 4:30 AM HDH

Michael Jenkins
September 14, 2007

Dear Blessed Wives and Sisters.

We are making this Sunday, September 16th a special day for women to attend HDH with True Parents. Father has been commenting each morning that he would like to see ALL the western members while he is here. Western Sisters in particular are given a special invitation. All women please attend on this day. Spouses are welcome too.

Please come by 4:30 (or even 4:15) to get a good seat. Western sisters will be invited to sit in the front. True Parents are opening their hearts totally to embrace all American members and especially Western sisters.

They are very encouraged by the attendance and heart of all members who have been attending. About 400 - 500 have been coming each and every day. New Jersey, New York, Bridgeport, Boston and Washington have been regularly attending. Especially NJ and NY have been really attending every day. Mrs. Alexa Ward is bringing about 20 key WFWP American Women Leaders for Sunday.

This will be very special and give love and encouragement to True Parents. Sisters are welcome to fly in from anywhere in the country. Please stay in members homes throughout Westchester or NJ. If you coming from another district other than the East Coast please email us. It will be exciting to announce that blessed wives flew from Chicago, California, Florida and Texas - just to be with True Parents.

If you have the time, please stay for Monday or even longer and attend True Parents each day. High School age family members are welcome to attend with their parents.

Last Wednesday, September 12th, it was very moving to see Father announce once again, "This is the era of Women in Leadership centering on True Mother. Women will lead the way to peace." Then Father asked True Mother to read the Peace Message Number 1 which was the address Father gave at the 2nd Anniversary of the UPF.

Mother, as always, read with great poise and dignity. It is so moving to see True Mother read. Many of the religious leaders who attended that day were moved that Mother is directly leading the way with True Father. Western sisters have a very providential role. When united with women from Korea, Japan and all providential nations they will change the direction of America and the world toward peace.

If you have a work schedule that requires that you leave at 6:30 please feel free, but we request that if you may have to leave at that time you should sit toward the back. All other Western Sisters - SIT IN THE FIRST FIVE OR MORE ROWS, RIGHT IN FRONT OF TRUE PARENTS. Don't forget to bring your FM radios!!

Thanks America. Thanks American Blessed Wives and Sisters.

"Ladies Day at EG will be a joy for heaven and earth." Let us bring great joy and comfort to True Parents heart.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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