The Words of the Jenkins Family

Blessed Wives and All Sisters Jam EG to be with True Parents

Michael Jenkins
September 16, 2007

Dear Family,

Each morning True Parents are welcoming all brothers and sisters to share Hoon Dok Hae together and receive Father's warm and loving guidance. This is such a precious opportunity. All members nationwide should schedule a time in the next 8 days in which you come to be with True Parents. You will be blessed if you do!

Today is Ladies Day at EG and the Blessed Wives came in great numbers. We had to move many brothers to other parts of EG to accommodate all the sisters. So many American sisters came which is very comforting to Father and Mother.

This is because American women have such an important role in determining the destiny of this nation. Mrs. Alexa Ward and the WFWP leadership came. This immediately put Father and Mother in a very warm and loving mood and Father has begun the Hoon Dok Hae giving very beautiful guidance on how God created us with purpose.

I sincerely thank all blessed wives for making this a day of joy for God and True Parents.

All are welcome each day at EG.

Thanks America.



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