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Official HQ'S Communication: Youth to EG Saturday, 8000 couples Sunday and more

Michael Jenkins
September 18, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are having such a profound experience with True Parents. Ladies Day on last Sunday was so moving and beautiful as our Blessed Wives and Sisters really touched True Parents heart. The following are four Major events for HDH at EG on this coming Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

1) SECOND GENERATION DAY: Sat. September 22nd. We would like to invite all second generation to share HDH with True Parents on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007. Please arrive by 4:15 am so that we can organize well.

2) 8000 Couples Blessing Attend and gift presentation: Sunday, September 23rd. The 25th anniversary of the 2075 Couple Blessing (July, 1982) and the 6000 Couple Blessing (Oct. 1982) is considered by True Parents as one blessing - the 8000 couples blessing. Traditionally the representatives of that blessing present a gift to True Parents. Since True Parents were not here in July and may not be here in October, we would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude and heart to True Parents on this coming Sunday, September 23rd. All Couples from the 8000 couple blessing are welcome to attend. Please confirm your attendance with you District Headquarters. Blessed couples are welcomed from all across America for this day. Please come with your spouse.

3) Ambassadors for Peace Day at EG: On Monday, September 24th we will invite all key Ambassadors for Peace that attended the special launch of the new level of the Abel UN on Sunday night to come for HDH. The main focus of HDH will be the Ambassadors for Peace. Please bring from all across America your very best Ambassadors for Peace from every District. (MORE DETAILS WILL FOLLOW ON THIS).

4) September 25 - Chu Sook Celebration at EG: All are welcome.

Please spread the word and share the joy of being with True Parents at East Garden.

COME BY 4:30 AM and don't forget to bring your FM radios!!

Thanks America,


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