The Words of the Jenkins Family

Wonderful Morning With True Parents - Father Traveling Until Friday

Michael Jenkins
September 19, 2007

Dear Family,

We had another beautiful HDH with True Parents this morning. So many members are attending from the heart. Wonderful families came from Washington D.C.

True Parents are traveling for the next two days and will return to EG on Friday night. There will be NO HDH at EG on Thursday, September 20, and Friday, September 21.

The next HDH will be Saturday, September 22nd for Second Generation. Jr. High, High School and College Age. All 1st Gen. welcome but will probably watch from the pink room in EG by closed circuit TV.

Sunday will be the 8000 couples HDH with True Parents and Monday the Ambassadors for Peace.

Tuesday all are encouraged for Chu Sook and Wednesday appears to be True Parents departure where all who can should come.

With True Parent's Love,


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