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Surprise - TP Returned To EG And Notes From Women's Day At EG Sept 16, 2007

Michael Jenkins
September 19, 2007

SURPRISE - TRUE PARENTS HAVE RETURNED TO EG True Parents will be here for HDH Thursday and Friday!!! All are welcomed. Sat. Sept 22 Second Gen Jr. High and up Morning. Sunday Sept 23 8000 couples anniversary. Look for EG parking instructions soon.

Dear Family,

On Sunday, September 16th we had a very warm and loving experience with True Parents. One of the main reasons was the wonderful attendance by so many blessed wives. WFWP key leaders and our beautiful sisters jammed EG. We had to ask the brothers to go out and watch from closed circuit TV. Key leaders like Mr. Furuta and many others gave their space to the sisters. It warmed Father and Mother's heart. Mother was so moved that she gave 7 sisters (selected by Mrs. Ward) gifts to show her love for all. Dr. Yang asked Mrs. Ward to do the selections. The sisters who were chosen were

1. Rev. Beryl Green
2. Rev. Angelika Selle
3. Mrs. Gwen Bair
4. Mrs. Kimiyo Anceney
5. Rev. Susan Fefferman
6. Mrs. Caroline Betancourt
7. Rev. Sheri Rueter

Alexa said that in her experience people receive these kinds of blessings when it is the right time for them. She said that in fact God is doing the choosing!!

True Mother gave Rev. Rueter a sweater. Mother gave her own sweater to Sheri who said it was really inspiring that Mother wore that sweater years ago when Sheri was asked to read HDH in LA.

Below are the notes of the warm address that Father shared with the blessed wives and sisters. Father and Mother were particularly excited to have so many American women to share with.

Thanks America and especially thanks to all sisters.


True Parents Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
September 16, 2007
(Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins, translation by Mrs. Hee Hun Standard and T. Cromwell, edited by L. Strait and J.Flynn )

NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translatorís ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moonís words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Recently there have been about 500 members coming to East Garden every morning at 5 AM. I am very happy about that. It looks like 800 today. We call God in Korean hana nim. hana=1 nim- respectful hananim.

What are the languages being used here? Korean, Japanese, and English are all being spoken and translated. These three languages are like three important points working together. Japanese cannot be the main language because Japan doesnít have a strong view of God. English is good but doesnít distinguish any difference between elders or younger people. We say "you" in English to a grandfather or a child, "How are you?" In Korean, the way we would address "you" to a grandfather is distinctly different from the way we address a younger person. That way there is a family-type respect for elders and a clear order in relations.

Everything has a purpose. The eyelashes have the purpose to keep dust from the eyes. The neck is designed so that we can easily turn our head. What if our neck was thick like a lions? Maybe we couldn't turn our heads. The eyes were prepared with a purpose in mind.

When I debated communists in North Korea (in the 50's), I asked them about the purpose of the eye, and they couldnít answer. The eyes were created by God, not just haphazardly. Eyes have white, an area of color, and a black pupil. The eyes of all races have these three parts. If they were not made properly, they could not fulfill their purpose. The eyes function properly because there was a plan given by God for their purpose. Letís talk about the nose. White people, who came mostly from the colder climates, have a longer nose so that the air will warm up as it is inhaled.

Look at the mouth and the lips. They are horizontal; they are balanced with the eyes. The horizontal line through the eyes is parallel with the lips. One thing that is important is that you should have straight eyes and a vertical nose. The lines of your face are designed to let the sweat flow so that it doesnít go into your eyes. It goes between the eyebrows, along the side of the nose and around the mouth.

Satan doesnít like me because I am returning all ownership to God. Satan wants to destroy me, but he cannot. I have overcome. True Mother is very beautiful, isnít she? She has overcome. Mother has suffered greatly. She came as a refugee from North Korea during the war.

A revolution must come to all religions. Christianity is just looking to the sky. We must bring all religions into harmony.

(Father asked Rev. Im to report about the energy test. One person holds their thumb to their first finger as if you were making an "ok" sign. You are asked to hold the thumb and finger together with all your might. He called Caroline Betancourt and did the test. When she held a secular book, she had little power to hold her fingers together. But when she had the Word (Scriptures) in her hand, she had more power. Then he called Libby Henkin do similar things with True Parentsí picture versus some secular object. This was and interesting demonstration. )

Godís word has energy, and there is power in True Parents that protects and strengthens you. How much do you need True Parents? As much as you need your own country. Now, as time goes by, you get older and older; yet you will get stronger if you really take in the Word of God. This morning before Hoon Dok Hae I read three Peace Messages.

This book, the Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong, has special power. When read in a village, it can change the atmosphere and push out evil. This time, when we proclaim the "Abel UN," the world will be turned upside down. The spirit world is faster than the physical world. You should be able to guide it. Billions of spirits are waiting to support True Parents.

Now we donít feel like doing Hoon Dok Hae (the atmosphere was so warm and joyful). What is the purpose Hoon Dok Hae? It is the way I can continue to guide you and the world from now on. It is the way you can gain strength.

Some American women are afraid of me, but they should not be. Tomorrow is the 17th and from September 17 -- 23rd is a very important time for preparation internally and externally. Over eight hundred people have come to East Garden today, many of them women. Now we must understand how serious our role is. Many of you are still attached to your own way and even attached to your nation and very proud of it. You should be attached to God and True Parents. We have to realize that we must completely turn around America.

Won Ju, please read Hoon Dok Hae. Letís read for three hours. So many technological breakthroughs are coming. I studied as an engineer and understand science. So much is coming in aerospace. This world is going to be more and more exciting. (Mother wiped Fatherís face). Mother is taking care of me so I always look good. Now Hyo Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, and Hyung Jin Nim are doing well.

(Then we read the message from God and the Presidentsí messages).

If key nations of the world want to see peace in Iran, Iraq, and the Middle East, they should ask me to help. I can bring the Muslims together in peace with other faiths; I know how to solve the problem without war.

The Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong has a meaning like "Peace Scripture" or "Peace Bible." I am bequeathing these messages to you. These must be very thoroughly inherited. From now until 2013 we must fulfill and bring total victory.

You Americans were immigrants here; you were like seasonal birds. You should not just be here superficially but should really guide this nation. Your ancestors came here and took the land from the Native Americans. The only way God will permit you to move forward is for you to give everything to God.

God wanted Christianity to manage this nation for God. He didn't want them to mistreat the Native Americans. You must reconcile and work with the Native Americans. Your ancestors mistreated the Native peoples. This must be restored through working together. In the past Cain killed Abel. This must be reversed.

Only those people with exchange marriages (inter-religious and or international/ interracial) can become the leaders of the future. If we understand, we must become really clear and go to the Kingdom of Heaven together.

We must bring about exchange marriages. White and black should be intermarried. I would like to see more white women married to black men. They should at least have that kind of heart.

Here in America the woman is queen. The reason women have this kind of position is that they were to be prepared to attend the Lord of the Second Advent. However, instead many were married many times and didnít understand why they were given this freedom. I met one woman that was married 10 times. Some became lesbians and lost their way.

You must realize how important your role is as women to influence America to go the right way. You must go over any challenge and bring this nation to God. You must indemnify things through the international exchange marriage. People thought that it was impossible for me to bring Asians and Americans together in blessing, or black and white. You must do exchange marriage between nations.

Everything I do is done with planning and care. Everything we do has a purpose. No one can compete with my energy. We have to unify the spiritual world. Only True Parents can fulfill this and bring such unity. Now my responsibility is done. But no matter how many things I have done, I feel that I didnít do enough for God. God wants us to be better than Him.

There are 15 speeches in this book. You should fully digest and understand these messages. Then you can inherit everything from God. You should be deeply grateful. Our way is much better than being children of Satan, isnít it? We are Godís children and part of His lineage. It is only through the blessing that we can achieve this.

This nation of America is to be the nation of the bride. It was prepared as a bride for the Lord of the Second Advent. You have your husbands now. However, they came from the fallen lineage. Through the blessing their seed could be turned upside down. You may feel that you are great as women; however, without your husband, you cannot be great and cannot fulfill your purpose.

We may not have time to study Peace Messages 7 - 10 today -- but you should read them all. My words have weight and authority. The world cannot deny that. You should read and understand these words. These words will help you understand, and can be passed on to your descendants. Even if America is lost, you will still have a foundation if you cling to these words.

So far the Kingdom of Heaven is vacant. When I go to the spirit world, I will train all people to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Just as a woman should go through labor to give birth to a child, we must go through incredible labor to give new birth to people as part of the lineage of Heaven. We must go over everything in the past.

The first generation -- then you must expand all your generations. If you are serious about this, then within three years you can fulfill the mission. We have 7 years until 2013. You must really work hard to restore the world. You must leave America and go to your own nation to educate them. If Korea is in the 1st place, who will be number 2? Japan? If Japan doesnít fulfill, then Canada, Taiwan and the Philippines will have to take this role.

Through the lineage of God we became part of God as our True Parent and eternal parent. In this way we should grow through eight stages. Absolute sex is very important. If Adam and Eve had valued absolute sex, then the seed would have remained pure and would have been the same today as when they were created. There would be no need for a savior. But they fell, so God had to send the Messiah.

We have to go through three stages. You should have more than two children if possible. If you only have two, they represent just mom and dad. You should give birth to at least three if possible.

If you have to you can adopt. Up to the 7th generation, you should have at least two or three children in each generation. We should represent heaven, earth, and humankind. God is the parent of heaven and earth; True Parents are the parents of heaven, earth and humankind. This is why we must have children. We must become true parents through having our own children. Creating blessed children and blessed families is the highest calling.

(Father asked Rev. Eu Jeong Ok to stand.)

He came from Bi Gam Do -- the island of salt. He suffered a lot. He went to Uruguay as a missionary then led Japan for many years. He worked very hard to bring victory. Now he is involved with the Pacific Rim providence. His connection is now to all island nations. There must always be cooperation between South America, North America, and Japan. There must be cooperation between these. Women should help in this, and Rev. Eu should be leading them.

In terms of blessed couples, the 36 couples were first -- Rev. Kwak has been doing many things and his children are active with the providence. Rev. Kwakís family is the representative family. I have chosen someone to represent all families.

Now I should choose someone who is to represent the church. Rev. Hwang, when did you join? You joined the church late and are a part of the 6,000 couples. The elders should set a good tradition.

Dr. Yang fought the communists in the universities. He worked in Washington, D.C., then went on to lead America. Rev. Kwak, Rev. Eu, Rev. Hwang, and Dr. Yang must set the tradition.

Rev. Eu is from an island. He is now in charge of the Pacific Rim era centering on Hawaii. All the island nations must be brought together as one.

Japan is a representative. Koreans were sacrificed without being guilty. Japan victimized a lot of people and must restore that by taking the role of the mother of the world and by helping Korea. It must make a good connection between Korea and America and the island nations.

Japan has not been permitting my entry to that nation. Japan and America must work closely to solve this. If America is fulfilling its responsibility, then all the nations will be united more quickly. Men should be also supportive of women. Women should really be supporting True Mother, and the women should be the mothers of Korea, Japan, and America and fulfilling their responsibility there.

The founding fathers of this nation came from England to pursue religious freedom. The Native Americans were in Cainís position. They should have united in harmony. However, the white people killed the Native Americans, making a bad condition.

America has been involved with many world issues. One thing America did right was to protect Korea. This was an incredibly good condition. The Christian ministers should be in a similar role as the Japanese women. They should be like unfallen mothers to humanity.

Israel came together to protect the Jews. We must realize that what God needs now is a nation for God. We must restore the 1st Israel, 2nd Israel, and 3rd Israel to fulfill the building of Godís nation.

I read the Peace Messages so many times. I have already done 97% and you must fulfill 3%. I read these messages hundreds of times. What was the main thing that we needed? Family pledge. "Uri Kajong Un" instead of "Ee Kajong Un." Our family because we are united, but it should be understood that we are talking about our own family.

Many of you have a savings account and you want to use it for just yourself. How should you use it? You should use your money for others. For the sake of Heavenís will. All Americans are meant to be brothers and sisters. If you donít think of yourself as brothers and sisters, then you should change.

I am helping America in many ways. Koreans can be very wise and can bring many benefits here. Mrs. Erikawa has been doing a good job and Mrs. Kuboki has been very active; they have represented the motherís work. They are working for God.

In order to save the world, Japan should totally support me. If you are not doing well and not fulfilling your responsibility, then things will not go as well as you want them to. If I were to retreat from this nation, it would decline. When you fulfill your responsibility, then this nation and your mission will prosper. You must be above the rest of the population in this world. If you are not fulfilling your responsibility at this time, then you will not prosper.

If America would really support me, I could change the world in three years. We are now in the position of proclaiming the Abel UN and the providence there. America should recognize this as well. There is always a struggle between Cain and Abel.

Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang, Rev. Im, Rev. Hwang, and Rev. Eu must become united, and you should unite the 33 nations of South America and bring unity of North and South America. To set the foundation for this, I spent seven years focusing on South America. Rev. Eu went there as a missionary sent by True Parents.

When I give you direction, will you accept it? I understand that over 800 came today. Will you resolve that this will be a new day and a new beginning for you women with America? We are gathered here to make this kind of resolution. You American women are the women of the most powerful nation under the sun. Stand up if you are committed to make a new start. I proclaim this on this 16th day of September at 8:20 a.m.

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