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Official HQ Communication: Witnessing Summit - October 12 -14 in Maryland

Michael Jenkins
September 22, 2007

Dear Family,

The Second National Witnessing Summit will be led by Rev. Sheri Rueter, who is the Team Coordinator for the FFWPU Task Force on Witnessing. It will be in Maryland (most likely Ocean City) from October 12 to October 14.

The Witnessing Summit is for first and second generation as partners to create an ongoing team to address all that is needed to open the doors for young people to join our movement.

It is a partnership between first generation and second generation. Rev. Rueter has been coordinating under the direction of Rev. Dong Wook Kim, National Director of Education and Witnessing. She has been in joint discussions with Rev. Mito, President of CARP, and Mr. Naokimi Ushiroda - head of the Second Generation department.

The first Summit was one of great hope and inspiration. We are taking it a step at a time. We totally believe if we organize well and prepare every step - the people are ready to join with us. We need fresh creating and revolutionary thinking for this new era, the era after the coming of heaven.

If you are interested in attending please email your State Director and District Director.

District Directors must approve attendance. We encourage all first generation and second generation to consider this experience. It will give your real hope and help start a new team in your district.

Letter of invitation and registration materials will come out with a National Headquarters memo later today.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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