The Words of the Jenkins Family

8000 Couples with True Parents from 5 am to 11:20 am

Michael Jenkins
September 24, 2007

Dear Family,

The 2075 and 6000 couples which together make the historic 8000 couple blessing attended Hoon Dok Hae yesterday with True Parents. Father was very serious as this was the dispensational day that he had been working for through 7 events - March 17 (Hawaii King Garden and the launch of the Pacific Rim Era), April 17 True Parents Day in Korea, May 17 (WT 25th Anniversary), June 17, (ILC in Honolulu), July 17 (ILC in Korea of Allied nations of WWII), August 17 (ILC in Korea with Axis nations), September 17 (UN Program). Later that day Father conducted the deep dispensational providence of September 23rd in which Father proclaimed the Abel UN with participants from 192 countries.

Father was very serious at the beginning of Hoon Dok Hae. How serious it is to be chosen to be representatives of God as Blessed Central Families. Father asked us, we should understand that until God has his own nation God cannot rest. No nation is truly God's nation yet and we in America as Blessed Central Families are responsible to make America God's nation.

Over 1000 representatives came from the 8000 couples, who truly are representative of the exchange marriage. Couples came as far away as Chicago, North Carolina and North Dakota. As Father had more and more give and take his heart was moved by the response of the couples. He gave very deep guidance on the course of blessed couples and how important it is to hold onto True Parents.

Father spoke for over 6 hours. He guided us in detail on the meaning of the Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong (the 15 Peace Messages) and the meaning of each part of the book. As he gave more and more the atmosphere became so close and intimate. We were with our True Parents. The True Love we experienced was really overwhelming. Father and Mother sang songs and did so much to encourage all to live the life of creating a beautiful blessed family that is one in heart with God and True Parents.

Peter and Myung Hwa Reiner presented the flowers of gratitude, Peter and Misako Fedema presented the gift from the 8000 couples and Rev. Tyndal and Mrs. Baines and Rev. Adruma and Mrs. Victoria expressed gratitude to True Parents in heart and song.

Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins addressed the couples after the event. Mrs. Jenkins gave 4 Cheers of Ok Mansei. One member said, "I am so filled with love and joy. It was just like being a young member again and being with Father at Belvedere on a Sunday morning."

The notes on Father's message will come out shortly.

It was a wonderful celebration of the 25th anniversary and new beginning for our 8000 Couples

Thank You to all 8000 Blessed Couples.

Sincerely with the Love of True Parents,


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