The Words of the Jenkins Family

Blessed Members Who Manage Or Run Businesses - Please Come To EG Sept 27

Michael Jenkins
September 26, 2007

Dear Businessmen and Women,

Dr. Yang and I would like to extend and invitation to all Blessed members who own and operate their own private business or who are in management of larger businesses (President, Vice President, Finance, Quality, legal, production, distribution, sales etc.) are invited to East Garden for Thursday, September 27th. Please arrive by 4:15 am for a good seat. Bring you FM Radios.

This will be a special day for HDH at EG with True Parents.

This will be a normal HDH but Dr. Yang really wants to give all people in business a special day so that they can be spiritually inspired, refreshed and nourished.

Please take this opportunity. Also, many private business owners who work so hard and many times are doing so much for God's dispensation are not often recognized or considered. We would like you to be recognized on Thursday.



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