The Words of the Jenkins Family

Tomorrow, Friday, September 28 Is Our Last Morning With True Parents

Michael Jenkins
September 27, 2007

Dear Family,

The final opportunity to be with True Parents for Hoon Dok Hae in the morning will be tomorrow on Friday, September 28. Please arrive by 4:15 am. This also the day True Parents are scheduled to leave for the Fatherland. We call upon all members to do everything to arrange your schedule to be with True Parents and give them a tremendous send off of love and heart from America. Please don't miss this historic chance.

Surprisingly, True Parents did something that has never been done before. They opened all of East Garden to all who wanted to come and be with True Parents. Usually this larger gathering would only occur on the Ahn Shi IL (Sabbath) every 8 days. Father and Mother felt incredible love for American members and opened the door so that each morning all who desired could come in.

We have had amazing experiences each day - there was women's day, 8000 couples day, Second Generation Day and Business managers day. We have laughed and cried and shared these precious hours with our True Parents.

Through it all we gained a new feeling in heart. Heart is what it is all about and the most precious thing we can catch through the morning experience is True Parents' heart, for us personally, for our blessed families, for America and all nations and religions of the world. We can catch and experience True Parents confidence that the unfolding of the Peace Kingdom is now inevitable.

Yesterday Father said, "Truly righteous people know who Rev. Moon is. I raised you and though you may not look like me, if you have the same heart as I do then that is all that matters. You should have the same heart as me." Through coming to EG tomorrow you can greatly advance your heart to connect with and be like True Parents' heart. You will definitely gain more heart if you come receive the blessing that God has prepared for us.

So many mornings we sang together and Father shared deeply from personal stories of his childhood to the depth of the Pacific Rim Era to the confidence he has that if the Blessed Couples and the Ambassadors for Peace follow the way of breaking down barriers with True Love then quickly the darkness of evil will more rapidly be dissolved.

Father shared so many new stories of his early life. He shared that when he was a little boy he used to read the Bible each morning quietly. He didn't reveal to anyone that he was studying the Bible. He would go forth from his reading and he could take a look at a person and tell them something about their future. He said he had to be careful with this because when his predictions always came true people got shocked.

Sometimes we repented and felt sad about God's heavy heart for the suffering of the world. Then in the same morning the spirit would lighten up because of the hope we have in God and the reality we see before our eyes. The reality that the key leaders of the world are coming to understand True Parents and trust and follow the direction they are creating towards building True Families and a Culture of Heart and a World of Peace.

Many mornings Ambassadors for Peace from many nations of the world would come and show incredible dedication and trust. Religious leaders of all dimensions, elected officials and all kinds of Ambassadors from America and many, many countries came and shared the morning with Father as One Family Under God.

It is amazing, the transformation that is occurring among leaders of great influence. It's just a matter of time when the general understanding of True Parents will become very positive. Why? Because many accomplished and respected people are beginning to understand and get excited about Father and the key leader for peace in the world.

True Parents have been here since September 8, 2007 and have invested each and every day to fulfill many levels of God's dispensation through the establishment of the Abel UN. Father has also deeply invested in the Elder Son Nation and the UPF International during this time. This has been an incredible moment in history.

Father has expressed trust and love for the Elder son nation and the members who have attended at East Garden. Those who attend have been receiving incredible blessing.

We are preparing well for this special day. We will have seating outside for the overflow and plasma screen TV's with excellent sound. Where ever you sit tomorrow you will have a good view and will see and hear all that True Parents do and say. We have excellent translation so that it is very easy to follow. (PLEASE BRING YOUR FM RADIOS).

Leaders of Organizations are asked to fill their vehicles completely and then park at EG. All others are asked to park at Belvedere. We will have several vans for shuttle service that will begin from 3:45 am from Belvedere to EG.

All the family is welcome. Let us give True Parents immense love from America as they go forward once again to the Fatherland and to the World.

Thanks America.


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