The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Light of True Love shined brightly tonight through Rev. and Mrs. Schanker

Michael Jenkins
October 8, 2007

Dear Family,

I just received a call from Rev. Schanker. He shared about his final moments with his wife.

The whole family was there today. Mrs. Schanker had been doing well over the weekend. Today she was wide awake and her eyes wide open. Her son wrote a song for her and they sang it.

Dr. and Mrs. Yang came and prayed. Shortly after that her breathing became very difficult. It became so serious that she had to be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Rev. Schanker sang holy songs (Tan Shim Ga) for his wife over and over again. He held her in his arms and sang and they were one in True Love.

They love each other so much. They are so beautiful and always have been as a international couple that showed such harmony and achieved a beautiful oneness of heart together. True Parent's love them so much. Father would talk to Mrs. Schanker about how good a couple they were and about Phillip's special qualities and about how good they are together.

They make God and True Parents so happy. Their children Ben, Mie, Josh and David have that same spirit and love. Two are now blessed and we are sure that all four children will have special blessings and will have many, many children.

The lineage of Phillip and Hyeshik is thriving. It will go on for eternity. The most essential purpose of True Love, True Life and of greatest importance - True lineage has been fulfilled by Rev. and Mrs. Schanker.

Rev. Schanker said he felt that heaven and earth, God, True Parents and the Universe and ultimately Mrs. Schanker herself decided that the time was right. She opened one eye and looked into his as he sang for her, fully embracing her with his arms wrapped around her with an embrace of infinite love. They gazed into one another's hearts for eternity and then she went on to heaven. They will be one forever.

Her journey began on September 7th while True Parents were traveling to New York. She spent 21 days in the hospital in New Jersey and then when True Parents left for Korea she was transferred back home to Maryland. She was there a little over 10 days making the total period until tonight 33 days.

We must all join together in prayer and gratitude for the offering that this beautiful couple has made for God's Providence and for all humanity. Their example gives life and hope to all blessed couples at this time and will forever guide all the blessed families of the future. They give life to Elder Son Nation and to Cheon Il Guk.

Let us pour out our love for them. True Love, True Life and True Lineage. True Love Victory for our beloved Schanker Family.

Sincerely with the love of our True Parents,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor

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