The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Parents Love America and All American Blessed Families

Michael Jenkins
October 30, 2007

Dear Blessed Families,

True Parents love for America is so deep. That is why Father and Mother are returning to America soon. They want to see American people of all ages so they can touch their hearts, embrace them with Godís True Love and inspire them. The Americans are chosen at this time in history.

If America moves the right direction the world will move in the right direction. America's position in the world is so great. Out of such love True Mother will soon visit 12 major cities with Hyun Jin Nim. This is coming at such an important time in the development of the providence. America is in a more central role than ever -- from the Middle East to unifying North and South Korea. America is the key.

Who does God turn to first when he wants to bring the American people together with True Parents? He turns to the Blessed Central Families because they are the people that God has handpicked for this time in history. He chose each and every one of the Blessed Central Families because of their background and ancestry and their own character and conviction.

He chose the best he could find in America to be the base through which the Ambassadors for Peace could be educated and inspired to save this nation. God believes in us. So many times I am amazed at how proud Father and Mother are of our American Blessed Central families. You may not know, but in Korea many times Father talks about the American Blessed Central Families and that they are faithful and are moving America - they are uniting the Christians and raising the women, the youth and the Ambassadors for Peace.

(Of course Father doesn't speak like that to us directly - he often gives us a strict course and encourages us to do much more - but I know a little secret - I have seen it many times - Father is proud of the Blessed Central Families - he knows that all the forces of darkness came against you and you do not give up. Father believes in you. )

God knew who were the ones that would be like the Israelites through the wilderness. He knew who would most likely overcome such a difficult road. He chose you and you overcame. Now he is calling you to raise up the Ambassadors for Peace like never before.

On September 23rd True Parents initiated a new phase of the Universal Peace Federation as the Abel UN. It is a phase in which representatives from 194 nations (some were there through local representatives from America) directly participated in the establishment of this Global Peace movement. The Abel UN is taking root in all of these nations. It is demonstrating that the key to peace is to bring God's love for all people into the equation - that's what is unique about the Abel UN and why it compliments the existing UN.

At this time the Ambassadors for Peace and ACLC Clergy and Religious leaders throughout the world are coming to a strong sense of conviction that the way for peace that respects all faiths and nations is being led by Father Moon. Because of this conviction there have been a very high percentage of new guests at the International Leadership Conferences from America and all the nations participating.

Ambassadors for Peace and Religious Leaders are multiplying like never before. This outreach is causing UPF to multiply and grow rapidly as very high level Ambassadors, Congressmen, Senators and religious leaders of great influence are coming in.

It used to take years for someone to become a truly powerful and committed Ambassador for Peace who can really bring their colleagues into the movement for peace. Now it is happening in a matter of days. The new Ambassadors for Peace are deeply moved by the way True Parents are bringing all of God's people together. They return from these meetings and send many of their colleagues. If they are informed with heart and sincerity about True Mother coming they will want to bring all they know who long for peace.

We know of course that there is tremendous preparation behind this response at this time in history. God prepared for this time for the last 2000 years through Christianity and all the major religions to be ready for a day when all could be seen as "God's People". The spirit world is working causing people to have a deep intuition about our movement.

Also the True Parents themselves have set incredible conditions for this time in history. First they bring the Truth. The "Word" is life giving and nourishes and purifies our soul. On the speaking tour Mother will reveal the truth that America is the central nation that is prepared to harvest the fruit of Godís 2000 years of preparation. No other nation can do this.

True Parents have set the stage for this time in God's providence by giving immense love for humanity. This is the most important purpose of the tour. True Parents want to directly give True Love to the America through the Ambassadors for Peace, Religious Leaders and the Blessed Central Families.

Father and Mother have demonstrated tangible love for all religions and peoples by constantly risking their lives to do world speaking tours and have conferences to bring all of God's people together. They sent 120 religious leaders around their world and even went together with their children and grandchildren.

True Parents have poured out love to the Muslim leaders and communities throughout the world and they are responding. We are building an important bridge between the Muslim, Christian and Jewish worlds. We are building a bridge of peace that will be permanent.

Through International Leadership Conferences which were launched in Hawaii in March True Parents have embraced all the world very directly. Every continent and every race, religion, and people have been touched by True Parents directly and now all the 194 nations have prominent Ambassadors for Peace who understand True Parents direction and purpose -- to bless the family and create a world of peace.

These Ambassadors for peace are respected by their own people. The same phenomenon is happening in America. As we organize well and work through our Ambassadors for Peace and Religious Leaders -- our foundation will multiply rapidly.

Now we are at the 32nd MEPI with all religious leaders in an ILC. The most moving thing is to see Muslims, Christians, Jews and Druze coming together as one family. At the August MEPI trip an Orthodox Rabbi prayed in the spirit of Isaiah 56:7 "My house will be a house of prayer for all people!"

When he prayed he said, "God I now pray for "my" people all of whom are gathered here." Gathered at that time were Jews, Christians and Muslims. The time has come when all people can become Godís people.

Due to the global crisis that is facing everyone and the fact that all people are experiencing tighter travel restrictions and a sense of insecurity people are searching. Due to the increasing challenge to the stability of the family and youth that has come through divorce, drugs, immorality and family breakdown people of conscience and faith are deeply searching for hope - hope for the Family and for Peace and security.

When they meet you - you are bringing them the fulfillment of their prayer for the family and peace. If they don't meet you and miss their invitation to meet True Mother - when will they get another chance? They are longing for God. We pray that we can reach everyone who is prepared.

These internal and external factors have set the stage for a revolution of heart in America. Americans are longing for good families, fidelity and peace in the community, and peace for the nation and the world. Now True Mother is bringing that hope to all of America.

People will be transformed as they see Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and Native Americans come together in our events as one family. We don't know how great the impact is on the participants. Recently one Ambassador for Peace spoke about one of the past speaking tours and said, "When I saw a Rabbi, Christian and an Imam on the stage together -- it did something to me. I have never seen that before. I didnít think it was even possible."

I was surprised by the impact. Many times we are "used" to seeing this and think it is common. However, this Ambassador for Peace reminded me that it is not. We never know what will happen to people when they see the vision God has for "One Family Under God" in reality before their eyes. It opens their hearts.

Therefore God is preparing America for the next great American Revolution. A revolution of heart and love in which America truly rises up to show the example as a nation in which all people can stand together and be respected, loved and protected. America has the foundation to create "One Family Under God".

America was born out of persecuted Christians who risked their lives to find a land in which religious freedom could be secured and established. It was born out of God's grace and the prayers of the righteous who wanted to build a land for God and all humanity.

America has the foundation to protect all faiths and races and has created the spiritual and legal foundation for all faiths to be given equal respect and support in this land while acknowledging God.

This is our role - we can bring harmony to the people of faith. We can end the divisions that confuse the direction of the people and heal this land. When faith leaders rise up in harmony the people are inspired and can help America steer toward the right path.

Americans are composed of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and all faith traditions. America is the melting pot where it is now possible that Jesus prayer "that all may be one" can be fulfilled. How precious is this nation of America in Godís eyes. How fortunate we are to be in a position to help America fulfill its destiny.

All the patriots and saints of this nation are moving with us -- the more we reach out for righteous people the more the righteous of heaven pour down spiritual support for us. Not only America, but the whole world is depending on America to rise up and show the way. No other nation can do this and without America there is no model of a nation that can truly love and respect all faiths equally.

As True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim come across America - they bring the Truth and the Love of God in a way that unites and ignites the conscience of all people of faith and character. The presence of True Mother and her kind and gentle understanding for all humanity allows the Holy Spirit to sweep each city fostering service, love and cooperation.

At the same time as a mother often has the greatest influence over the character of her sons, so too True Mother has enormous influence to inspire America as the Elder Son Nation. True Mother stirs the women of America to action - on the last tour the "Women of Destiny" organized an average of 120 per city to stand in support of True Mother's leadership as a Woman who stand for the blessing of the family and peace in the nation.

As we speak over 100 of America's women are crossing the boundary of the 38th parallel to bring North and South Korea together in peace without war. Women have the power to lead the world out of war. True Mother is bringing that inspiration to the American people, especially the great American women of character who want to see America shine again.

True Mother also brings love and understanding and has the power to really cause us to rise up with heart and love to help fulfill the dream of God. In addition she brings the righteousness and victory of True Father to every corner of America.

A righteousness that causes people of conscience and character to make the sacrifices necessary to give our children a better and more secure life than we have. The sacrifices that allow God to love America. The sacrifices that allows other nations to be lifted up and brought to peace through America.

As True Mother travels with Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim she demonstrates that the next generation is now rising up in America with the vision and the anointing of God to allow America to lead the world to realize the dream of "One Family Under God" -- and to bring peace by blessing the family, peace by unifying the people of faith and saving our communities, and peace by inspiring the religious and civic leaders that we can build a world of peace.

When people see True Parents surrounded by so many great Americans who are Ambassadors for Peace and see their commitment to walk this way with True Parents, they gain confidence that America can fulfill its destiny and that each one of us can make a difference by joining this movement and festival for Peace.

This is such a great moment. I want to ask all families and all our Ambassadors for Peace and Religious leaders to bring all the "Family" of God together when True Mother comes. Please touch everyone - from your relatives, to your Family Home Fellowship (HDFC), to your work, to your schools, to your community, to all the churches and leaders of society.

Our second generation have come of age now and they are beginning to reach out. Young leaders are coming forward now to become Youth Ambassadors for Peace or College Ambassadors for Peace. The students are very serious about peace. They are coming forward for God.

The great Americans are all prepared to meet us at this moment of decision. Therefore, reach high -- the people are prepared by God and they are searching for hope for the family, the nation and the world. You will touch them and give them such a great gift. The gift of Godís True Love and the way to make a Blessed Family that can live in peace in the community and the world.

Acts 18: 9 - 10
And the Lord said to Paul one night in a vision, "Do not be afraid, but speak and do not be silent; for I am with you, and no man shall attack you to harm you; for I have many people in this city." (RSV)

Thanks America,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
Written while overlooking the Sea of Galilee in the Holy Land

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