The Words of the Jenkins Family

National Prayer Condition - 21 Days - November 1 - 21, 2007

Michael Jenkins
November 1, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Dr. Yang and I would like to ask that all families begin a 21 day prayer condition from November  for the 12 City One Family Under God Speaking tour Featuring True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim.

Below is the Prayer list.

We ask that you set a side a few minutes at 10 pm each night for prayer over the attached list of prayers to seek God's Blessing for America through the 12 city tour.



True Parents and True Familyís Twelve City North American Tour
One Family Under God - Global Peace Festival
"A Summit for Peace from the Community to the World"
21 Day Prayer Condition
November 1 -- 21, 2007

1. True Parents and True Familyís protection and victory.

2. Unity between Heaven and Earth, and for all who are responsible for America and the 12 city speaking tour. (Pray for key leaders by name - from the nation to the district to the state).

3. That each event is not just a "repeat" of the past, but builds toward the future, significantly expanding and increasing the foundation, naturally making the way smooth for the District to fulfill its portion of Godís hope for America.

4. That the event in each city will be a significant step forward in quality and percentage of guests and new participants. That each event will fulfill what True Parents want to see from each District.

5. That the Ambassadors for Peace and Clergy will greatly multiply the participation of guests at the events throughout the nation and begin a national movement that will pick up momentum as we prepare for the Global Peace Festival in Washington DC in August, 2008.

6. That this tour will naturally strengthen all our efforts for the Sphere of Life and the Public Sector plans and goals for our states, districts and nation.

7. That through this tour the Elder Son Nation will fulfill the next step toward the realization of Cheon Il Guk.

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