The Words of the Jenkins Family

Medical Emergency Request For A Blessed Husband Mr. Eugene Kenedy

Michael Jenkins
November 1, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our brother Mr. Eugene Kenedy needs a liver transplant. Without which he will not survive. He and his wife are dedicated as a Blessed Central Family. Olga has served from the early days of our movement as an outstanding example and Eugene served in one of the Media organizations founded by True Parents.

We make this sincere appeal to help their family at this time. Below is the note from our Northern Virginia Co Pastor - Rev. Kathlene Goto.

We ask that you pray for Eugene and Olga and please... PASS THIS MESSAGE ALONG that a donor may be found.

Sincerely in the Love of our True Parents,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Church of America

Note from Northern Virginia Co Pastor - Rev. Kathlene Goto

Dear Rev. Jenkins,

I want to alert you to a medical emergency with one of our brothers, Eugene Kenedy. He and his wife, Olga Kenedy, are a 2075 couple.... He could no longer work because of his illness.

He has a rare form of liver cancer which requires a transplant. Already his son and his cousin tried to be donors but for physical reasons could not be considered. He has been off chemo-therapy for quite a long time, because he was supposed to be getting the transplant. Since neither donors worked out, he has to have a donor soon, or it will be too late. He is under care with the Mayo clinic.

Anyone who feels they would like to be considered as a donor for this dear brother, please contact Mayo at 1-866-227-7501; option 1; talk to either Lisa or Christin. You should be either an A or O blood-type and be between the age of 22-55 to be considered.

Thanks much,

Kathleen Goto
Nova Family Church

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