The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Parents Have Returned - They Give So Much Love And Hope For America

Michael Jenkins
November 7, 2007

Dear Family,

True Parents returned to New York and had a beautiful Hoon Dok Hae and welcome home celebration with NY, NJ, Connecticut and Boston members. It was a beautiful day. Father is totally confident and yet very serious about the 12 city tour and the role it plays to further secure America to bring peace in the Pacific Rim Era. Father is confident and totally proclaiming that America will succeed if it follows God's Will.

Father is trusting and guiding America. He emphasized the importance of each family fulfilling the direction of the Family Fellowship (HDFC) and expanding it through the Tong Ban Kyok Pa (breakthrough on the neighborhood to small town level). This is to establish all families as blessed families.

On Friday, November 9th, Father has made a special call for all American/ especially Western members to come. Every Western member from NJ, NY, Connecticut, Boston and D.C. should attend. Western members from across this nation are welcome. (Fly in tonight on Thursday). Father wants to give a special blessing to those who are born in America.



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