The Words of the Jenkins Family

All Western members invited to East Garden

Michael Jenkins
November 8, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday many western members attended HDH at EG to attend Father. I want to share with you that this inspires Father deeply. Father longs to see American brothers and sisters at HDH at East Garden each morning. We have an opportunity to move True Parents heart in a special way to show them our true American character and spirit towards God's will.

When patriotic God fearing Americans are clear about what God wants we respond in profound ways. Therefore I thought I should make it clear to all American members - you should all take this opportunity when Father has made it clear that he wants to see the American brothers and sisters. Please inspire Father and comfort God's heart. I sincerely ask that all Americans come to share this time with True Parents.

All members are welcome to come at any time. We especially ask that all American members attend HDH on one of the following three days.

Tomorrow, Friday, November 9, 5AM Arrive at 4:30
Saturday, November 10 Children's day 7AM at EG arrive by 6:30 Sunday
November 11th Special 1AM session at EG for soccer tournament arrive at 12:30AM.

Please pick one or all of the three days and come to East Garden. All are welcome. Father is looking to meet you and touch the heart of the American ancestors. Therefore please organize well and network by phone and email so that all American from Connecticut, NY and NJ respond to Father's heart. Washington and Boston should organize delegates to come to attend. Please do not worry if you have to go to work. You can leave at 6:30 am. Just give your heart to embrace True Parents!!

Thanks America.

With True Parents Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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