The Words of the Jenkins Family

All Brothers And Sisters -True Mother Is Coming - What Should We Do?

Michael Jenkins
November 8, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

So many wonderful things are happening across America as we prepare for the "One Family Under God" - 12 city tour in the U.S. Ambassadors for Peace are really reaching out to bring their colleagues and friends. The ACLC Clergy are moving more strongly than ever.

This is True Parents time of being received and understood. Over 200 Ambassadors for Peace will be appointed in each district, Youth Ambassadors for Peace (College Ambassadors for Peace) are being appointed in large numbers.

All in all it is a great time in history. What is our responsibility? What should we do to support True Mother? In addition to the prayers, fasting and supporting the organization of the tour - our most important responsibility is to bring the people that God has prepared!!

Don't forget to ask your relatives to come. The program is really warm and uplifting. Just invite everyone - let them decide if they want to come. Don't decide that they can't come by not inviting them. Let them decide. All we have to do is give them the invitation and give them God's love. Reach out to the highest level colleagues in your profession. Call you state senator and state reps to come.

Reach out, don't hesitate, just invite everyone you know. Please give out the invitations at your workplace, school or in the store you shop in. God is moving in mysterious ways - you never know who will respond.

Put your name on your invitation because your spiritual child will want to know how to reach you when they get inspired.

Brothers and Sisters - we have asked every family to bring 5 to receive True Mother's love and inspiration - the youth are inspired also - especially when they meet Hyun Jin Nim.

Give from your heart - you will never ever lose.

With this heart America will respond with an outpouring like never before.

God Loves America and by giving the gift of this invitation you are substantially extending that love to people you know or are connected with.

Thanks Brothers and sisters.

Thanks AMERICA!!

In True Parents Love,


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