The Words of the Jenkins Family

Beautiful Turnout At EG Today - American / Western Members Respond

Michael Jenkins
November 9, 2007

Dear Family,

It is exciting to see so many Western members here at EG this morning responding to Father's desire to see Americans. Because so many beautiful members came today - Father is giving such a deep and loving talk. We can see that when he sees Americans responding and attending, longing to receive God's word and direction for America, Father feels more peaceful. He is comforted.

Please come for Monday and Tuesday. You are also invited for the Sunday (early, early morning - 12:30 am we will watch the soccer championships and then have HDH until 4 am. TM departs for the tour shortly after). Because of the Tour True Children's Day will be all at EG. There will be special tickets to get in because of the limited space.

There is great joy here at East Garden today. Let's comfort True Parents and bring the greatest success ever on the 12 city speaking tour.



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