The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy 48th True Children's Day

Michael Jenkins
November 10, 2007

Dear Family,

We are currently at True Children's Day at East Garden with True Parents. Kyung Beh began at 8 am. True Parents entered and lit the 7 candles before the offering table. We all did Kyung Beh representing different realms of responsibility. When the representatives from the spirit world came forward there were three as usual, Father added a 4th position representing the Cain realm.

Clearly Father set a new record for the longest Kyung Beh service in our movement's history. Dae Mo Nim and four other couple representatives of the spirit world remained standing with all of us for the two hours while Father gave incredible contents announcing that a new era begins on the 48th True Children's Day because we have entered the Realm of Heart of the 4th Adam.

Before they bowed True Father gave a two hour address while all were standing, including 50 key people from Korean, 50 from Japan, 50 from the ILC and 550 from America. Over 700 people were in attendance.

Therefore we make a new beginning on this day. Father then had us complete the Kyung Beh with Rev. Kwak's prayer and Rev. Sun Jo Hwang gave three cheers of Mansei. True Parents gave out the offering to everyone and proclaimed that every family who attended today will get a special gift.

48 (48th True Children's Day) is 4 x 12 and there for this is connected to the launching of the era of the heart of the 4th Adam. The heart of the 4th Adam is the role and responsibility of all people to become one with and signifies completion of the first, second and third Adams responsibility.

We took a break for breakfast and returned at 11 am for Father's Key Address. Happy True Children's Day... More to follow.

In True Parents' Love,

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