The Words of the Jenkins Family

Bishop Jackson ACLC Co-Chairman Brought 100

Michael Jenkins
November 14, 2007

Dear Family,

Here is an example of what is happening with the ACLC pastors and key Ambassadors for Peace. They are really bringing the people. Here is an excerpt letter to our ACLC director Rev. David Rosenblum from Bishop Andre Jackson and Carla who did the 120 nation tour last year.

Bishop and Mrs. Jackson brought over 100 people; the Ambassadors for Peace are multiplying this movement and building momentum to change this nation.

Thank You.



Dear David:

It is just great how God will work it out if we just do our 5%. We got over 100 guests to the event on Monday night. We went and got people that were looking for help on every level Doctors, Pastors, Church Leaders on every level and also the people that were seeking for their way..... Teaching them the Bible and Divine principle if the people that have suffered can get through the suffering they can become great leaders.

It is time to invest in America not in events and meeting but in education. How to become centered on God sharing love one to the other, how to keep our soul in check and create bless families, productive in the community loving our enemy and began to build One Family under God. Love Always,

Bishop Andre And Pastor Carla Jackson
Carriage Hills Community Church Family

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