The Words of the Jenkins Family

Thank You To All Who Supported The 12 City Tour - True Parents Are Inspired

Michael Jenkins
November 25, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Dr. Yang and I wish to sincerely thank all of our brothers and sisters, blessed families of all generations and all of our Ambassadors for Peace and ACLC Clergy for making the 12 city One Family Under God Tour a huge step forward.

True Mother was very excited and pleased with the overall tour. Hyun Jin Nim also saw tremendous development in the events and expressed that he sees America rising substantially through this tour as the Elder Son Nation.

Dr. Yang just called me and said that Father was incredibly inspired by this tour and the unity of the Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace as one movement for the Abel UN. America is moving in God's direction. This tour verified that we are rising up to a new level to fulfill the Elder Son Nations' role.

True Mother could feel things were different after the LA and San Francisco events. She felt so moved by the sincere efforts of the American movement and especially the District Directors and their members that she invited all National FFWPU leadership and District Directors and their wives to East Garden for a Thanksgiving Day Celebration. She gave gifts to all.

True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim gave so much love to America. We feel so inspired to move forward now. Each event was a step higher from the past. No event was a routine repeat of the past -- so many new guests came in each city - people who are respected leaders who can rise up to lead America toward the realization of peace in the world.

The spirit world is working in the most amazing ways at this time. It is very clear that if you invite someone and give them God's words and love they get tremendous support from their ancestors to attend. One leader commented that in the past there was a head wind against anyone trying to connect with God's providence centering on True Parents. Now there is a tailwind!!

Once we make the connection they are moved by heaven and earth to come. This works on any and all levels. If you seek to bring the top leaders of society - we are living in a time when they will feel support and encouragement from their ancestors to come. Congressmen Nielson, Garcia, Fauntroy and Hilliard all supported events across the country as well as Ambassador Rita DiMartino. 30 Ambassadors to the U.S. came in Washington and a large of Ambassadors to the United Nations came to the New York event. (Thanks to Dr. Walsh, Dr. Betancourt, Ms. Tomiko Duggan and Mr. Ricardo Desena).

Letters came from Governors, Senators and Congressmen as well as Mayors of major cities. This was incredibly significant. Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Champion Everson Walls and Media Professionals like Esther Davis (WFWP) and Senator Steen Miles all stood on the organizing committees to make this a great success. Also a special military chaplain traveled to the cities to give prayers and words of support.

Our great clergy Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards and Pastor Barrett did an incredible work traveling with Bishop Kim. Mrs. Ward went with Mother to all 12 cities and outstanding Women's Federation leaders came in the evening and the morning Global Peace Festival discussions. True Mother proclaimed this tour a very significant success and True Father called for the clergy to come to Korea to transfer this victory to Korea and prepare for the next step in America.

The Global Peace Festival was successfully introduced to all Districts of America and the key leaders were able to have meaningful discussions with Hyun Jin Nim each morning. The vision of One Family Under God and bringing the world together through the Global Peace Festival next year on every continent has crystallized.

All this came about because our families in each District sacrificed themselves with sincere devotion. We want to thank all of you for fulfilling (or continuing to fulfill) your offerings. Your heart to fulfill the prayers, fasting and sacrifices necessary made this tour very meaningful. We sincerely express gratitude.

Because of this True Mother cried in many events as she spoke of Father's suffering course. She felt she could express her internal heart and that America could receive it. America was deeply moved by True Mothers tears and the example of Hyun Jin Nim and her family standing by her side.

We cannot thank True Parents enough for their patient love for us - longing for us to raise America to be the shining example of God's vision for One Family Under God.

Thanks to all of our Blessed Families. Thanks to the American leaders who rose up to make True Parents proud of you. Dr. Yang and I and our national team are deeply pleased with this new "spirit" in America. We can and will fulfill Father's vision and direction for the Elder Son Nation!!

Thanks America.

With True Parents' Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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