The Words of the Jenkins Family

All Are Welcome To HDH On Saturday, Sunday And Monday at EG

Michael Jenkins
December 14, 2007

Dear Family,

Once again True Parents have returned to America. We had a beautiful morning with Father and Mother and they received reports on the success of the Global Peace Festival in the Philippines and the completion of the 33rd MEPI. Dr. Kim (Continental Director of Asia), Dr. Yang, Bishop Stallings and myself were asked by True Father to report.

It was a day of offering and blessing.

True Parent's are moving without hesitation according to God's historic providence to transform the world into the Peace Kingdom by 2013. We are living with True Parents at this most historic time in God's providence.

We want all members to know that Father and Mother want to see you and they have expressed this by opening the door for all who desire to be with True Parents to come forward. Please consider flying in and staying with brothers and sisters, you never know what blessing you may receive. Come and express your heart and sincerity to True Parents and receive God's love for your family.

We will gather on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at EG at 4:15 am. Please bring your FM Radios. Young adults are also welcome.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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