The Words of the Jenkins Family

NO HDH on Monday, December, 17th, In NY - TPs to Washington on Sunday, Dec. 16

Michael Jenkins
December 16, 2007

Dear Blessed Central Families from the East Coast and Beyond,

So many people overcame impossible snow and ice to come to East Garden today on Sunday morning. True Parents were moved. However, Father is still longing for East Garden to be filled with those born in America. American members should realize that Father is really looking for the "natural" heart of Americans to see True Parents - not by duty - out of deep spirituality and the understanding about Father's role in history.

True Parents leave this morning for Washington, D.C. Therefore there is no Hoon Dok Hae in New York for Monday or Tuesday.

A small Hoon Dok Hae will be held at the Sheraton National for key leaders. D.C. members, please check with Rev. Francis if you would want to attend.

We will probably have Hoon Dok Hae on Wednesday, December 19th, in New York. (NOT SURE YET). Most likely Hoon Dok Hae will resume every day from Wednesday, December 19th through December 26th.



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