The Words of the Jenkins Family

Merry Christmas from East Garden

Michael Jenkins
December 25, 2007

Dear Blessed Families,

We pray that you have a beautiful Christmas celebration with your family. We are here at East Garden about to welcome True Parents on Christmas morning. There is so much love and joy filling East Garden this week as all of True Family is gathered with True Parents and brothers and sisters. True Parents are giving tremendous love and hope to America and proclaiming that 2008 will be a year of magnificent and positive change for America and the World centered on the Abel UN.

Let us celebrate the birth of Jesus and the fulfillment that has now come through his blessing and Coronation.

We pray for your abundant blessing and happiness as you come together with your family and loved ones. Let us remember our sons and daughters who are overseas in the military or other services who are seeking to protect America and bring peace to the world. Let us remember all of our blessed couples worldwide who are seeking to realize God's Peace Kingdom.

Merry Christmas.

With True Parents Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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