The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

The Revolution has begun - Reflections on the Witnessing Summit in NJ

Michael Jenkins
January 30, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The witnessing summit has sparked an internal revolution of love in our movement. It has begun in our hearts. The essence of God and True Parents is True Love. True love has the power to transform the young people of America - it can transform all generations.

As we bind together in this kind of love, we can see that God's spirit is magnified and people who are seeking God are attracted.

I sincerely ask all of the families of our movement to do everything possible to support this revolution of heart. Please support our second generation and younger people who are now rising to embrace the young people of America. A flowering of music and a heavenly culture will naturally occur as we bind our hearts together, truly sharing with one another in honesty, constantly seeking to tranform and improve ourselves and our movement until we find the way for people to come and join with us. Nothing brings God and True Parents more joy than to see people restored to the family and lineage of God. Brought from the darkness into the light.

Here are the reflections of the Witnessing Summit in New Jersey. What a beautiful spirit. It happened in LA, then Maryland, then Chicago and again in Long Beach, New Jersey. Perhaps this experience could happen once or twice based on luck, however each summit has grown in spirit and joy. Now many young people as well as the elders are binding together and volunteering. Many are joining the music committee or other aspects of the witnessing movement that Sheri Rueter has been blessed by True Parents to lead. Dr. Yang is now calling for more summits to be held - and he has asked that all of our resources, focus and power be concentrated on bringing young people into our movement as full time members. Rev. Kim, Rev. Schanker and I are rejoicing.

We see two aspects of the revolution - one is the Family Fellowship where our families meet in one another's homes, read Father's words and pray together. The other is the witnessing movement to have young people from 18 - 35 (or a little older) join our movement as single individuals full time.

We sincerely ask every family to participate in the Family Fellowship (Hoon Dok Family Church) and bring the spirit of caring and love from Blessed Family to Blessed Family. So much can occur when we care about each other with God's heart. Also, we ask each family to set aside extra money beyond your tithes to make a strong financial base in each district to support our young leaders who are now coming forward. We must support the witnessing revolution by doing everything we can to support the youth with our hearts, our wisdom and our resources.

I am now asking all families to donate $100 to the National Witnessing Fund - this will be recorded and managed by Sheri with total transparency and accountability. When the request comes I am confident you will respond. As for our younger generation - please give your hearts and your creativity to allow our movement to respond to the young people of America who are longing for the truth and love of God. The joy of heaven and all creation!!

Thanks America.

With Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Here are reflections from the New Jersey Witnessing Summit.

Reflections from Witnessing Summit #4
New Jersey -- Jan. 11-13, 2008

"Iím deeply grateful for the opportunity to attend this summit. I feel it was a new beginning for me and I see a great future for our movement and for America.

Thank you for listening to the 2nd generation. I feel that it has been a healing experience and I want to share it with my brothers and sisters and ask for the support of my uncles and aunts. No more judgments. Letís love one another.

Thank you all the ones who shared their feelings and ideas at the World Café. Special thanks to Dave hyung and Ares hyung for their sincere testimonies. I believe many of our 2nd generation should hear such testimonies and connect with their heart as it did to me.

I know God is very happy to see 1st and 2nd gen working together. This is the way for our movement.

I would hope that some material of the summit could be turned into CDs and DVDs or any other way to share and spread the message passed to us by the speakers.

We should have more summits! Letís work together for God, True Parents and all Blessed Families.

Thank you. Thank you Heavenly Father and True Parents! Thank you Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Rueter and Amy Cox for allowing me to be here!

God Bless, Mansei!!

2nd Gen.

Nice for the 1st and 2nd gen. to have the chance to talk with each other as peers, fully respecting each others opinions and gaining from each other. I feel much clearer now about what our focus as a movement is -- witnessing to young people -- and I have concrete ideas about ways to do that in my local community. I also came to the realization, through prayer and through talking with an older sister/youth minister, that I really need to focus on the blessings God has given men and be grateful for them so that I can witness to people out of a desire to share my happiness with them, not just our inspiring, beautifully logical truth.

Really, I donít have many suggestions. A slightly longer, yet just as well-planned entertainment portion might have been ice.

I will meet with my pastor and other young adult 2G to determine a plan for CARP this coming semester. I also plan to find band members who can practice and perform together with me to liven up the music in the Philadelphia church and possibly host open mikes and other events to reach out to non-members.

One more thing I liked: We included our own 2G, especially the distant ones, as among those we need to witness to.

2nd Gen. from Texas

I really enjoyed the World Café and the different views that were put out there. I really hope that action could be taken to implement the ideas that were thought up.

Suggestion: In every group there was always one loud-mouth that talked the whole time. There was one case where a woman went second and took up the whole time. She wouldnít stop. There should be rules about time limits.

2nd Gen. from NY

The most inspirational for me was the amount of participation the 2nd gen. gave with their hearts and not just because they were forced to. Also, what inspired me most with the 1st gen. was how many are actually trying to make a leap forward into helping True Parents and the world.


Have a 2nd gen. go up to give a presentation as well. The presentations I heard/saw were good, but I got kind of bored with the fact that they were only 1st gen. It would be nice to hear that a 2nd gen is also doing these amazing things that affect the world.


At first when I saw this I thought something material. Afterward I thought the most that I can sincerely offer is trust in knowing that there is hope for this summit because 1st and 2nd gen. are coming together to slowly resolve the barriers that we have had for a long time.

2nd Gen.

God longs that all respond. Mountains will move (or oceans overflow). But the need always remains the same as in the birthing moment: aftercare begins.

Whether three spiritual children or 30 or 300 or more, aftercare cannot just be one-on-one. No, the ability to use e-mail teaching tools needs developing.

1st Gen from NJ

Iím inspired by the dialogue between 1st and 2nd gen. I see realistic hope that 2 gens can identify with True Parents and their future as blessed families. I personally feel the need to change my own attitude to my children (17, 16, 15, 13, 11 years old). Be more patient and trusting.

I got inspirations how to take initiative in my home church setting -- e.g., what kind of CDs to give out to my neighbors.

Iím grateful for Rev. Jenkins and the hard-working leadership, especially Rev. Schanker too. Iím more inspired to work in my own neighborhood witnessing!

1st Gen.

Thank you for such a great summit. Please, letís do it again. I was inspired by the turnout of young people, their honesty and desire to change our movement and carry it forward, not by themselves but with the 1st gen.

The music, topics of discussion, and relationships were all great.

Contribution -- my time and any other resources. I can do PR and meeting VIP. I love young people, so I an always try to be their mentor.

Suggest -- have a weekly program to share our diverse culture; open house. Culture night, movie night, talent show, gospel concert, games night. Block parties. Get involved in street airs, parades to show our culture, spread the word.

Have peace rallies with other groups rather than reinvent the wheel.

Do something crazy -- one day of crazy activities all over the nation to bring attention to what we are doing. Call all radio, TV, etc stations to promote our projects.


A good summit, well organized. But the goal, to be a family and to experience a family, was absent. Even the spirit of it was missing. To move forward and center on our young people is absolute necessity.

Now matter how our witnessing is done, we need simple literature, with short personal testimonies how the DP and TP changed lives, how it helps to live a better life and to fulfill oneís greatest dreams and purpose.

1st Gen.

The level of honest, open and relevant communication was great. Participation by 2nd gen in running the summit was key.

Suggestion -- the 4 summits were very broad and excellent as introductions. Future summits need to target more specific issues. If the World Café feedback gets processed, it would be excellent it know and draw from to build on for future summits. Also, the more open sharing (panel discussion, testimonies) from BCs, the better. The more we hear from and relate well to them, the more we will connect with our target.

Offering -- our NJ young adult ministry is focusing on campus outreach. I will empower, uplift, educate and love my local young adults to empower them to act on their faith.

1st Gen. Youth Ministry leader in NJ

Most inspiring portion was Sheriís introduction and sincere, genuine heart and mission statement of this conference. Give and take with 1st and 2nd gen. centered on stimulating and relevant topics/questions.

Suggestion -- Study of outside success and inside success or lessons was not clear. I suggest focus on one or two groups and really explain how they are bringing success -- their technique, training, methods, mindset, etc.

Present the materials that we have for outreach, such as new illustrated Powerpoint DP, and how it can be put to use.

Offering -- I will work with anyone and invest church funds for 1st and 2nd gen in Westchester to develop an effective witnessing program. Whatever works, we will share with the nation.

1st Gen. NY leader

Inspiration -- I believe that we can make serious efforts to affect the US culture. I believe that by 1st and 2nd gen working together we can make major breakthroughs in bringing people to TP.

Suggestion -- We need to incorporate small group principles to develop a "youth movement."

What I would do -- I am committed to work with the 2nd gen and young people to develop a model to create a new community and educate each person to receive the blessing and become a tribal messiah.

1st Gen. Family Church Minister from D.C.

I liked: music, singing, collaboration with 1st gen. musicians.

Food, location, beach, accommodations. My roommates. Presence of Reverends Schanker, Jenkins, Cotter, Schauffler, and Dave Hunter.

2nd gen. coming with their parents

2nd gen coming with their spouses, young kids.

World Café questions

I feel inspired to reach out to and love, search for a deeper love for my 2nd gen brothers and sisters at all places and levels. Change my heart of judgment to a heart of total offering/sacrifice.

Recognize my privilege/blessings

Connect with other attendees following the summit

The national leaders and their families are a constant source of inspiration and renewal for me.

I was inspired by: the pictures of 1st gen. when they joined the movement.

Dave and Aresí testimonies

World Café discussions

Prayer on the beach

Jonathan Gulleryís presentation about marketing the DP

Rev. Jenkinsí words at the end

Jam session with Rev. Cotter and Rev. Schanker

Suggestion -- invite more people from other areas. Encourage regional leaders to spread the word, especially to 2nd gen (leaders or not)

Send a copy of the videos

Offering -- Go to Israel. Go to Chung Pyung

Love my brother. Love my friends. Gain courage to share TPís love and truth

2nd Gen. from D.C.

I was inspired by the unity between so many people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and viewpoints. I felt that so many divisions within our family are being healed. I also was able to spend this time with my parents and see them become more inspired. All my inspirations, realizations, and insights centered on my relationship with my parents and family. Rev. Jenkinsí words about the future of our movement, America and the world also resonated with me. I feel God calling on me to stand up and take my responsibility for CARP in America.

You could give everyone the World Café questions before the summit. People will begin thinking about the issues beforehand and come up with better ideas. Then discussions can be more fruitful.

I will commit to making CARP successful in Boston. I want to create unity between Carp and Family Federation, between parents and children. I will be a representative of God and True Parent son amP campus and witness to my peers.

2nd Gen. Student from Boston

Glad to attend with brothers/sisters from all over US with beautiful heart and motivation.

2nd gen. testimony -- input I could understand the difficulties between 1st and 2nd gen and see hope for restoration.

World Café was a great forum to provide my input on key issues which I learned a lot.

So much info provided on Ocean Church, small groups, etc. really helped.

2nd Gen. NJ

Seeing a future that has a bright hope. Before I participated in this summit I couldnít really envision a future past 10 years. I didnít want to because 9 out of 10 possibilities looked bleak. Now there is a lot more hope.

To have a good strong network for after the summit in terms of what happens.

To inspire the 2nd gen in Bridgeport with the vision for the future.

2nd Gen. UB Student

I was very inspired by the honesty of the summit. We were clear about where we are at, and what we need to work on. A lot of good ideas were put forth.

Focus on what is practical and what we can do. We need to take action and apply what we have. Make a strong network and keep people informed on the progress.

I want to determine to do outreach on my campus, and establish CARP activities.

2nd Gen.

I was so inspired to see so many 2nd gen and to be able to share our hearts together as Unificationists through fulfilling the schedules. World café session is one of the best methods to break through our realities. I gained such a hope in realizing the ideal world.

I gained such inspiration from going out to the beach. Nature played a great part of my inspiration.

Iím going to become best help or caretaker at home in witnessing along with my children.

1st Gen. Japanese Blessed wife and witnessing leader in NY

Inspiration -- Listening the peopleís testimonies, what touched them to join the church. Seeing many 2nd gen and some 3rd gen faces. Openness of 1st gen.

Suggestion -- cannot think of any at this moment.

Contribution -- participate in younger 2nd gen activities and service projects.

2nd Gen.

My main inspiration during this summit was being around others in open discussion and communication. The word "family" is used very often among members but the term has been almost hollow. Seeing a passion to bring everyone together, in the sense of a real extended family under God was truly inspiring, and something I havenít experienced in quite some time. Itís inspiring to see not only a commitment to improve our movement, but improve ourselves and those around us as well. Creating an environment where we can lift each other up is really remarkable.

The internal drive of the summit was very good. The spiritual foundation and backing of this evening was very apparent. I almost donít want to make logistical suggestions because there is no way to avoid problems like that. My room was a bit crowded and it was really hard to sleep.

I think the best thing I can contribute is myself, my time. Give myself the time and put in the effort to really discover my place and role in this faith and how I can share that with others.

2nd Gen. from DC (via Colorado)

I am inspired by the energy and drive of this summit. I really believe that our movement is ready and willing to make the changes needed to make the movement open to new people. Also I am hopeful that our attitude will change. Now someone who witnesses will be the norm, not a hardcore exception. I was also inspired by the cooperative approach of the summit. I am always more inspired to build and create something using my unique approaches and abilities than when I follow a cookie-cutter method. I also liked the focus of the sessions, especially the emphasis on staying on topic in the World cafes. Maybe with that focus we can start working efficiently.

Suggestions -- not sure.

Contribution -- Iím going to work on CARP on my campus and reach out to more people.

2nd Gen. from NY

I think what inspired me the most was Joe/Annikaís testimony. What Joe hyung was basically saying was, you gotta care about what is beyond the bounds of your duty. You not only have to care for and love everyone, you have to act. Do more to love, you can always do more.

I think Annikaís point about BCs not here summarized by Mikenís "theyíll all come back" is basically taking the word out of my mouth. If I didnít believe theyíd be back, I wouldnít be here. If I didnít think that we need everyone back before we have the ability to move forward, I wouldnít be here. Also Iíd like to say seeing Tokutade/Issei here was inspiration in itself. They didnít have to say anything to inspire me.

Suggestion -- ideas are great but as Moonies we should not be allowed to discuss ideals. From now on summit meetings are reporting meetings.

Offering -- I would like to offer everything in every direction. But as a personal niche, Iíd like to one day have a weekly podcast radio show. Iíd like to save our movement from within.

In Henri Schaufflerís breakout, we talked about what is the one thing we want the world to know we are good at. Beside the obvious answers, one thing that I realized after the session is:

In this church we have the symbolic parent-child-caretaker model of relationship. We have central figures, mother figures, hyungs/nunas, uncles/aunts, itís like a parent or mentor position. Thatís what we have. Thatís what we are good at. As human beings, we are better than any other group of people at this relationship. Itís in us. Yet what does the world need? What do young people need? They need love, they need somebody to care for them, to mentor them, to listen. The world needs True Parents and they need to feel True Parents heart through blessed families.

1st gen. might not be cool or up to date, but if they have love, no one can reject that. If they just open up their homes, lend a hand, lend an ear, I think they can contribute in a much more direct way than they might think.

2nd Gen.

Inspired: This summit was extremely inspiring. As a 1st gen. I had questions about my childrenís lack of involvement, which is so difficult for me. The testimonies from 2nd gen not to judge but realize my children still have a mission; just havenít found it. I have hope for our family now. Actually conviction that our family will be healed. Also, I think 2nd gen is becoming strong and becoming role models themselves. About working with 2nd gen. I was "afraid" of them before but feel closer to them now.

Suggestion: a uniform system for witnessing be established which will obviously come out of this summit now that we are focused. I had been feeling we had no plan before.

Contribution: Iím looking forward to working with 2nd gen and all brothers and sisters "as a family" The give and take between brothers and sisters at this summit helps so much to break down barriers, to be able t work together.

I came to the summit because I wanted to find out how we should be witnessing now, and this summit definitely answered my question. Iím grateful to attend this summit.

2nd Gen.

I realized what we as blessed central families have to be real happy families. To solve the problems between 1st and 2nd gen, then help each other as a family. Then we can go forward together in this nation.

In the near future many people will come to our movement. We need to make a system for education. Japanese video center has the good example in the past. As Americans, can arrange that system to fit this society. To keep record for each guest. Give the suggestion which way and when he/she can go next step, etc.

Iím working as full-time worker. To offer the time is very difficult. But I can give some ideas through experience, could send them by e-mail.

Plus as we have spirit and body, America needs to restore spirit (witnessing) and body (finance) by all American members and people.

1st Gen.

I was very inspired by most everything this whole weekend, but some things really stood out. The testimonies were so moving that they reminded me of what our movement is all about at the core. Which is to bring our precious brothers and sisters back to God and Godís family.

The presentations were really excellent too, learning from peoplesí success formulas. Our pool of talented members is such a great source of think tank and heart tank that we can overcome mostly any obstacle if we keep producing the synergies that we have together.

If we can have some more fun activities together as a family, the singing and dancing could be prolonged, and evening entertainment could be demonstrated. For this would be how we effectively witness to young people.

I can get involved more with the young and 2nd gen. in my region. Go to their meetings and to the service projects and help with Sunday services.

1st Gen.

Witnessing is about multiplying the love of the True Family.

CAP sounds like a good idea

Prayer is the first action step

Focus and God can work

World Café idea was innovative

Suggestions: We are still divided as the family of True Parents. Hopefully we can spend time reflecting, learning about our True Familyís vision and direction.

Offering: Building best practices in New York. Logging educational materials that are developed in NY area. True leadership development.

2nd Gen from NY

This is a beautiful experience. What inspired me is the interaction of the 1st and 2nd gen. Yes, we have to care for each other more but we also face the reality that each one of us have limits and own pace to navigate. So letís be truly compassionate and be true in our love. Letís forgive each other and be happy to move forward.

Beautiful, youthful spirit, I love the presence of the young generation! Thank you.

2nd Gen.

Why the sleep deprivation? J I know there is a lot of valuable information and conversation in a sort amount of time, but many of us could not focus and got worn down and drowsy the second day because of our late night prayer and early morning HDH. Not enough time for me to reflect and recharge. One less session or a few more hours to sleep would be a good investment!

Face to face discussion among diverse members, focused on specific points, with a gracious facilitator, speakers who have done their research. I hope that our ideas grow


I enjoyed all the World Cafes. Itís been really great to identify whatís in myself and in the hearts of others in answering these questions. Itís a great way to facilitate the thing in our minds and hearts into a cohesive entity and provide an opportunity to clarify these things.

I would like to see future success stories in our own movement because we will see it, I guarantee it. Parent-child cooperation is also a great example to share about, and I know everyone would appreciate it.

Iím willing to raise 2nd gen. to take up the mantle with our parents and finding other potential members who share this vision we uphold to build this together.

2nd Gen.

I appreciate the sincerity of all the people in the workshop. Honest and open dialogue between 1st and 2nd gen. Everyone believes in the goal and sincerely wants to find a way to help achieve it.

Having material available for people to use right away can be very good.

I would like to offer my time to support the providence. Right now I am working with CARP and also supporting what my parents are developing in Northern Virginia.

2nd Gen.

Best experience was participating in the World Café session. All questions were good, that gave me an amazing opportunity to digest and internalize my thoughts and experiences.

Next time we can hold witnessing summit based on sharing everyoneís testimony and practice of reaching out.

Thank you very much for this.

2nd Gen.

What we have to offer to the world is an introduction to True Love. To the reality of it as we can see in our True Parents, to the practicality of it as it is laid out in the Principle. Our own efforts to live by such a love testifies to its legitimacy.

2nd Gen.

Long overdue. Too controlled through the format. If intention was to collect data on specific questions, better to do this via professional survey company.

Better format at Café is: people at the table meet, do an icebreaker, then the group decides what they want to talk about, with facilitator leading. This is a better way to grant greater ownership over allowing the spirit to move.

Any numerical growth needs to be accomplished via the HDFC small groups and not through institutionalized organizations monitored through a national headquarters.

Allow, by intentional encouragement, everyone to feel responsible to make choices about how they want to understand their faith.

Gradually decrease the perceived role of a "national HQ" in regards to "developing faith" by empowering blessed central families to "own their faith."

Recurring theme expressed: We donít know what we are representing or what we believe. Strategy is not the key component. The key component is: how are the people currently associated with Fatherís vision "walking the spiritual path."

There needs to be an articulation of what this new organizational effort has as its aims and purpose for existing.

Sessions at the table too short.

Increase length of discussions.

Too much time spent on singing -- it can be a distraction.

Wonderful to intermingle with parents and children together.

Some testimonies were very powerful.

Many testimonies were too long and lacked focus

Make sure you "keep the conversation going."

1st Gen.

Iím inspired by 1st gen who are really supportive of 2nd gen efforts. There are so many different spheres that both 1st and 2nd gen alike are coming from: media, arts, science, business, etc. I was always somewhat hopeless when it came to my contributions as a musician, but now I feel that it is possible for me to help out, reach out.

Suggestion: more break-out sessions about specific topics: music, media, research development, etc. There was a lot of sharing ideas, so now I would like to see actual planning.

Offering: I will try to be more optimistic and positive about sharing my religious life with people. My heart is more open to the concept of witnessing now, so I would like to support Sheri Rueter as much as possible.

2nd Gen.

Inspiration -- that 1st and 2nd gen. can finally become mentors and protégés. To see that our time has come in America, in the eyes of our national leadership That a woman is in charge of this love-based effort. That we can be serious, focused, have fun. I have never felt so respected or appreciated at any other meeting within our movement, especially by 2nd gen toward 1st gen. My heart has burst open.

Suggestions: Please letís try to make sure everyone in our movement has a chance to experience this information and paradigm shift within our movement, even if only through local summits. Please educate our district director in Los Angeles about this shift in focus, so that our elder 2nd gen can move forward with no blocks.

Perhaps we can start a summit "Google Group" to enable networking: peer-to-peer communication

Offering -- I will d anything that Sheri asks me to do, at any time. I shall be her slave. (She knows my talents and limitations) All I ask is that I be pushed to the limits of love and then pushed beyond, so my heart will embrace anyone. I live for 2nd gen happiness.

1st Gen.

Inspiration -- I was especially moved by the inter-generational aspect of the summit. Lots of power in 2 generations coming together!

Suggestion -- perhaps more testimonies from 1st gen who have had success in their work/mission.

Offering -- in the music panel there were ten suggestions/initiatives that I will work to help facilitate. Music is so important to BCs and success in America.

1st Gen.

Inspirations -- I am filled with hope for God, True Parents, our movement, America and the world because weíre comforting Godís heart by reaching out to His children, loving, serving, saving them, and because of our unity and listening to each other. I feel everyone was heard.

Suggestion -- break things up by committees. Sheri, Iím praying for you and you donít have to do the work yourself. Be the mom and unifier. Donít forget the "little" states that need something they can plug guests into!

Offering -- together with my husband we want to empower and support our 2nd gen in Dist.4. Also I want to be an intern coordinator for Dist. 4 and encourage all 1st gen leaders in the district to get an intern and not work alone but pass on their expertise and experience. Pass the baton.

1st Gen. wife of key American DD

Inspiration -- this was my second summit. This time I was most inspired by the fact that we are now, I feel, on the same page, working together as parents and children, brothers and sisters, really sincerely offering our thoughts and ideas to one another without judgment or baggage.

Even though we have many more participants this time than last time, I feel our unity is stronger now than before. For that Iím grateful to the national leadership team and for 2nd gen leaders being inspired and taking the initiative to bring others to this effort.

I do feel we need at least one more national summit. We absolutely need to have these summits on a local level eventually, but for now also continue to bring a unified effort on the national level. Eventually it would be nice to have some sort of testimonies or breakthrough experiences shared in this effort.

Offering -- Now on NLTP with CARP, but Iíd like to develop the educational material or framework for witnessing on a national level. Iíve had a fair amount of success I experience at y college campus in terms of witnessing. Of course Iím trying to develop that further but I feel we canít do it alone So I can offer my suggestions and ideas and some experiences as well as my heart and commitment.

Second Gen.

I gained insight on True Motherís heart behind the summit, and True Fatherís perspective on providence. I was inspired by 2nd gen who are not so connected coming on their own initiative and I know that by doing that they gained a lot from the summit. I am inspired by some 1st gen who humbly listen and want to do something.

I feel Sheri should really step up, give clear directions approved by Hyun Jin nim. We already have had four great summits. Letís harvest. The best ideas and focus and channel them into substantial and concrete steps, game plan. Everyone should be informed and aware of the directions. Otherwise we keep coming up with ideas but no consensus that leads to action. Also, it saddened me to sense the Asian resentment still present among many of our Western family members. Are we willing to change ourselves and overcome our differences? I mean, really able to do that? The individualism and lack of teamwork/collaborative spirit I felt was too strong to ignore. If you need input and action and volunteering, donít hesitate to e-mail me. I put my money where my mouth is I walk the talk.

I can contribute several hours a week, flexible. I offer a willingness to learn and inherit. I can offer insight on current CARP providence and direction.

2nd Gen.

I was inspired by our family. Saturday was a beautiful day. The beach is the best place to pray. It was such a full day between presentations and world café. Loved Aresí talk and Dave Hunterís.

By the Sunday World café sessions and at the end of Saturday I was out of energy. Maybe I donít quite have the attention span for that many questions. Some of them were very similar. But maybe that was on purpose, so weíd get to interact with more tables of people.

I am going to talk to George and see if I can help in the young adult ministry, if they can use someone my age! I want to see material addressing some aspect of DP and how to apply it to life for education/witnessing purposes.

1st Gen. NY

Inspiration -- the questions were great. I know we can do this. We need to create an infrastructure so when we witness we have a process, and if it is consistent, weíll need staff to support the witnessing outreach. And it should be duplicable. We must be able to do successful programs over and over Not based on personality of one person but we need to know if we contact someone in another state they can visit our movement anywhere and get the same treatment.

Suggestion -- It might help if facilitators were more prepared in guiding the process.


I feel inspired to study the Bible and DP to have a more firm foundation for the knowledge I need to witness.

Hopefully everyone at the summit will be able to witness and no summit will be needed. If another summit is needed, I really donít know what can be said that wasnít said at this summit.

I believe that my heart is ready to bring the word of God spoken by Rev Moon into the world. I will open myself up like a can of tomatoes to be assembled by Godís word and to teach the word to all.

1st Gen.

I extend my appreciation to the efforts and planning for the summit. I was inspired by the staff, the leadership, the schedule in terms of the balance of spiritual and horizontal activities. All was well planned and gave me a lot of hope and insight from the movement today and my contributions to create the ideal perfected goal through outreach and witnessing.

My only suggestion is that we not only create more witnessing summits in the previous locations but in all districts including my district of Oregon! Also maybe we can have more break opportunities focused on connecting more with each other as participants.

My actions as of now are to follow up and love God

2nd Gen Oregon

Personally I think the most important thing I went through in this summit was the passion and positive energy. The inspiring thing was that people tried to inspire each other, get over things, and renew themselves. I appreciated the gentle presence of leaders at our meeting.

I think throughout many meetings weíll find better ways to continuously improve our movement will arise. My mind and heart feel settled with the method and informative progress of these meetings.

My mother and I came together. We are both interested in Ocean Church. Iím interested also in NLTD and CARP. I know, however, that the best way for me to help True Parents is to focus now on my education. Everybody must focus so Godís plan functions well, like a highway with only responsible drivers, no accidents, deaths, problems, slow traffic, that will make traffic easy and not cut us from making an on time happy stop to completion.

2nd Gen NY

I was deeply moved by the testimony of Ares Meyers. The point is that anyone can come join and how many people are contemplating suicide because they feel no one loves them.

Suggestion -- the World Café points for discussion were very important and should not be discussed after one minute of consideration. These points should be part of the summit registration packet so that people have several days to consider them and pray about them. Make notes about each question and bring them to the conference.

I would like to work more closely with the education department and try to help in any way that I can in preparing witnessing materials or educational seminars.

1st Gen.

I was most inspired by the sincere heart of young people, our BC, who were at this summit. I thank you especially for the testimony of Annika Betancourt, who so sincerely poured her heart.

Suggestion -- Cannot think of anything right now.

Offering -- I would like to embrace my children. To help start junior STF in my district. To create loving Sunday School program. I would like to invest more for my small group. I am so grateful my husband came with me for this summit. Together we would like to build loving community.

1st Gen.

My experience at this summit was great. The hearts of the people I met and saw here were so much stronger and inspirational than Iíve been able to experience in myself or others in my church district in a long time. I never viewed myself as a "witnesser" in any way, and when I was asked to go back in October, I said no straight away because even though I am very active in my church ministry I didnít look at outreach as my responsibility. I see now how wrong I am and want to share this understanding and inspiration with all the BCs in my NJ community.

There are so many BCs there that are just on the bridge between being involved and seeing their purpose I this movement. I really feel Aresí testimony would touch and heal so many BCs It reminded me so much of things I knew deep down but had forgotten. It made everything make sense. If there is any way that the recorded testimony from Ares could be given to me so that I could show it at our NJ young adult ministry, it would be priceless. Thank you to the people who made the organization of this summit so smooth. It helped so much as well.


Inspiration -- the world café sessions, which squeezed out so many good ides from everyone. The whole scenario of 1st gen and 2nd gen working and communicating well together in a focused way. Aresí testimony. Jonathan Gulleryís presentation.

For future summits -- bring in director of witnessing from Philippines Taiwan, Brazil or other nation in which growth is skyrocketing, to tell us their secrets. They have different cultures, but some of their ways may be applicable to the US.

Offering -- I will set up an interactive website, with the help of 1st gen experts, that will focus on Principle-oriented issues relevant to the personal lives of 18-35-year-olds, and that will be publicized through buzz in MySpace, Facebook, Xanga. I will set up an evening for 2nd gen centered around Aresí testimony This would be inreach witnessing, especially to 2nd gen who are "distant." The evening might be called "From hell to being human: One youthís journey."

1st Gen from D.C.

I would like to know that the results of the discussions and how we can use these results to bring local level. I think that I myself can do witnessing. This is help for America.

1st Gen.

Inspiration: Discussing topics with 1st and 2nd gen. My view of them not listening changed. Everyone was listening. Many have inspirational ideas and didnít have a place to discuss and have someone listen to them, until these summits happened. Some ideas were great. We need to work on 2nd gen outreach, Principle shown just in life, love each other. Good PR work, booklet great. Perhaps some key points to teach 2nd gen. on witnessing to friends; many donít know how! Even 5 points building communities in your area!!

I met some really awesome 1st gen here and grew even more respect for them and all they have done. You can feel their history -- hard work, passion.

Suggestions: Have some witnessing summits in the South! Theyíre struggling, especially small cities. They need help. Faith is dying, 2nd gen are dying in the South. Just have more witnessing summits, maybe later this year, fall. Also discuss progress made by what has worked on since summits now. Iíve been waiting for this a long time!!

Contribution: I am working with youth in Queens, NYC. I plan on reaching out to the other college students in the area, building a youth community. I might live with a group, hopefully in the fall, so we can live, collaborate, dream, work, even witness to our friends in my everyday life. My Cheon Il Guk lifestyle.

2nd Gen.

Inspiration: This summit was very profoundly inspiring. Hope that there will be many more, and that weíll all be able to attend many more.

Deepest inspiration -- the fact of bringing together 1st and 2nd gen, in a productive partnership. I hope we can raise and emphasize 2nd gen as a natural adjustment, but please donít exclude us!

Thank you so much for everyone who played a part in creating this and putting it on.

2nd gen speakers touched my heart in the deepest way.

Yes, many of our difficulties, especially with our own children, will disappear when we have our own spiritual children to raise.

Offering: To teach young people and 1st gen. to sell DP books door-to-door and shop-to-shop for the purpose of building numerous home church areas. Or even just for fund-raising, witnessing generally.

Suggestions: More summits. Near the water is nice. More prayer.

1st Gen.

Concerning the 2nd gen. panel

and Aresí testimony

As 1st gen. I could hear what 2nd gen were thinking about and what they think toward 1st gen. Ares -- he loved God, Jesus and True Parents without fearful heart. This heart was we did not have. Thank you, Ares!

I will love my sons and daughters.

I will love all 2nd and 3rd gen!

I will open our house for gatherings of 2nd gen.

I will tell and report about this witnessing summit!

1st Gen Japanese wife of National HQ NY leader

I loved hearing the testimonies of 1st gen who had joined at my age in the past year. It reminds me that the church is still relevant today.

All of the talks this weekend were fantastic. Punctuating them with sessions in which we could share and discuss our own methods for implementing these ideas helped keep me focused and involved. I wish DP lectures were run this way.

Our method of generalizing 1st and 2nd gen isnít very conducive to allowing new members to join. We really need to start addressing that in the next few years. Actually it definitely creates a barrier when I bring friends to events.

I canít wait to get back home and use these ideas to implement AFP on campus. Most of all, I can see now that what Iím doing isnít hopeless or wasted time.


Inspiration -- 1st and 2nd gen creating an unbreakable fabric.

Suggestion -- recognize, strengthen, grow the parent-child relationship in all that we do.

What will we do? Teach and inspire our families, parents and children to be able to express, teach and be the main points that our True Parents have given us in the pledge, the peace messages and the main points at the Palace opening. We can do this by working in our small groups, camps and Sunday schools to practice this to the point where we have the confidence, personal vision and conviction to share the love that our TP have given to us. This will bring the most comfort to our God and TPís hearts. Creating as many moments in every day where they can be with us.

1st Gen.

There were many inspiring things in this summit, music and dancing. The fact that there were so many young people and I was particularly inspired by Rev. Jenkinsí talk at the end, his sharing of True Motherís vision. He also gave some clarity to what we are supposed to be doing now, which wasnít clear before!!

In future summits I would like to see more well thought-out PowerPoint presentations on how to witness, something like Jonathan Gulleryís presentation on packaging. More vision casting and practical tools to reach out to people.

I will try to develop my HDFC more. I have a couple of guests now and I will make effort see what I can do with helping the young friends of my children.

1st Gen. Wife of major business leader in NY

Inspiration: The thing that inspired me the most was that everyone now genuinely comes about spreading the love that God and TP have given to everyone in America, and this world. It almost feels like when we in, we were on the same page, united in vision. Now itís about coordinating our efforts, really working together. It finally feels like our movement can grow out of the infancy that we were stuck in for so long.

Suggestions: The HDH was much better the second morning because it was more

Offering: I will continue to serve God in all that I do, to make the gift that God and TP have given me that more precious. I will also make the primary goal of my college experience to serve my campus. God has placed me there for a reason. I might not be able to witness to everyone, but I can love them. When they can feel that love from me, thatís the time I can direct to my source.

2nd Gen.

Inspiration: Godís unconditional love. Testimonies. Music. Sharing of heart.

Suggestions: A witnessing spearhead is needed in each district. As Rev. Jenkins pointed out, tremendous sacrificial focus of commitment. Needs the person, the resources. A seasoned 2nd gen leader with witnessing experience -- plus then committed young ones and middle age FIT. (Full-time dedication; otherwise will become unfocused)

An internet portal (not that is the doorway for any interested American to check, enter a doorway (service, interfaith, family, God).

Summary of beliefs, contact info. If a person is looking for "God" a Google should lead them to a portal page of teachings and a study course.

National witnessing tithe -- above and beyond the 10% church tithe. All BCF -- informed, instructed, directed -- witnessing is it. If youíre weak, tracks to grow and gain the of faith and belief. If cool, training. If hot, plug in and do it.


I was inspired by the deep concern and honest desire of the 1st gen to hear what I had to say. Many questions I felt like I didnít have the life experience or background to give a meaningful answer but the 1st gen. really encouraged me to think deeply and share something I was also inspired by Ares Meyer. I want to find a desire like he has and the confidence.

Suggestions: instead of so many joy breaks, have open mike performances. There are so many talented musicians and singers that want to be heard and when they perform in places like this they can be recognized and actually used in future events and make a difference and find fulfillment in giving.

Offer: spread the word about this summit to others and continue in my witnessing efforts with a new-found desire and inspiration.

2nd Gen.

Inspiration: Openness to listen to new ideas and input from everyone. Inspired that HQs is finally behind this with manpower and a budget. Inspired with 1st and 2nd gen working together and that we are transferring leadership to 2nd gen.

Suggestions: More of the same with more free time for reflection and prayer. The schedule was a little too full. Donít assume that itís okay to put people 4 in a room. Ask first. Plan the meals better. Please send out the ideas that were shared here and how they will be implemented!

Offering: Iíll continue to be focused on the small group as an important part of the overall effort of witnessing. Will give open and honest feedback to leadership

1st Gen

It was very different from past things I have experienced. There were a lot of good ideas given and made me realize how everyone is here for God and to help His providence is moving.

Is there a way to see a result of what was gained from World Café? I worry how many great things are raised, but at many times can be forgotten in time.

I d not know how I can support nationally, but locally I would like to support my younger 2nd gen who are working their best in whatever they are working on. I would like to get more 2nd gen who are not as active to become m ore active.

2nd Gen.

My inspiration was to take personal responsibility in my relationship with God and True Parents, to do one-to one witnessing as a lifestyle as a CARP student on campus. With this heart and purpose, my family and BC community will inevitably be liberated as part of this process.

I would suggest having more testimonies by newly blessed 1st gen.

I will share what I gained from this summit with my family.

2nd Gen.

I havenít been to enough workshops, summits or gatherings in my life and I regret it. I always was too busy and this year I am putting these important experiences first. Iíve been inspired beyond belief and expectation here. I feel so much closer to brothers and sisters that Iíve met once as well as the ones I havenít even met beforehand. Thank you for the summit. Please, letís have more.

Suggestions: Honestly, I couldnít change a thing. Please keep the discussion ideas a "to do/always have" aspect of these gatherings.

Offering: Because of the real heart and effort and feeling put into this particular summit, I feel like I have more to say about our movement. I can see the reality the church is trying to show and I feel like I can think of more to share with coworkers, classmates, and even extended family.

I love coming to gatherings. I feel like Iím at a family reunion, seeing family Iíve never met and family Iíve known forever.

2nd Gen from D.C.

I was inspired by everyoneís desire and motivation to move this forward. We all have a want to testify to the world the truth which we have been keeping to ourselves for too long. Everyone was so sincere, and I was really impressed by the 2nd gen and their maturity and readiness to take ownership.

Suggestion would be to definitely have more witnessing summits. Let more people know about them. We need to spread the word and start a revolution because God and True Parents have a dream for humanity. We are the only ones who can make it come true. Maybe we an do a game thatís really exciting and the 1st and 2nd gen can bond and we can understand each other better. That might help us realize what we need to do to solve problems in our own family.

I can unite my mind and body and start trying to witness to my friends. I need to get rid of concepts and not see myself through peopleís eyes. But trough Godís eyes. Also, I can be more welcoming to the guests at church and at hoon dok church. Thatís something I really need to work on. Change starts from inside ourselves.

1st Gen.

Seeing inspired 2nd gen emerging with the respect and love and support from our national leadership. The unity of the 2nd gen leadership with 1st gen. leadership is principles and powerful!

Because of the success of these summits, I do believe more should take place. They can really help to transform the relations between 1st and 2nd gen. Therefore, we need to find a way to market the witnessing summits. It is hard to get people to come. Everyone who came should be asked to get 2 people to the next summit.

I can help by focusing my state on growth. This is a big change of direction. Therefore, I want to work closely with national leadership and then closely with my state leadership step by step to make this change.

1st Gen Boston Family Church Pastor

I was most inspired by the possibility that there will be change, improvement and growth. Cooperation between generations. Creating a better image for our movement.

Contribution -- willingness to try new approaches to witnessing

1st Gen. from Westrock Church in NY

Inspiration: the sense of family really touched me. That is the mainstream of our life of faith. A true love world family under God. If we feel it and share that with people, I twill move them. Many people are longing for the family feeling of love. We can provide it. As Rev. Jenkins said, we arenít converting peopleís faith, just their lineage.

Suggestion: Multiply the vision of Ocean Challenge across the campus of America. CARP and Ocean Church/Ocean Challenge should unite as a great way to witness to young people. I offer Ocean Challenge of Maine as a model of success. Let us revive Fatherís original vision to reach young people trough Ocean Church/Ocean Challenge.

1st Gen. Leader from Maine

Inspiring: Witnessing testimonies from the three young people, especially Karynís testimony from Wisconsin. The testimonies teach us that the same fundamental truth and love reach peopleís hearts. Just to see the young people believing in true love.

Offering: I want to tape and broadcast our young peopleís testimony to their discovery of Godís love and the love they discovered as couples.

Suggestion: Dramatize the Principle. Tell the story through song. Acting and dialogue. Present the Principle with drama and emotion Study Frank Capraís movies.

1st Gen. NY leader

I just have to say that this is the very first time in my life I am able to see our future as a movement. I can really see providential change coming through it. We were finally able to realize the importance of heart. The importance of collaboration, teamwork. I wanted this to happen all my life.

I wanted 1st gen to never forget anyone in our movement. Iím grateful to see that everyone will make it a point to use the "uncle and aunt" system. This system will really help many generations to come.

I love Heavenly Father. I love this family and I never want anyone to feel that they are not a part of heavenly Fatherís family.

Thank you so much for having this summit. The 8 in 2008 means new beginnings. This is very much a new beginning for Heavenly Fatherís providence.

2nd Gen.

Iím inspired to be a better person, kind of a cliché but I really want to always learn something new. I donít want to waste my life away.

My suggestions are for the church. I myself am not a devout follower. I definitely struggle with the movement. I donít like saying struggle, though, because that makes the church seem to be higher. In general Iím not a follower of any religion. I believe I have my own ideas and my own morals and religion should be considered a guideline or something, just to keep on eon track of their own personal beliefs. You have to understand this before you hear my suggestions.

The presentation of the church is completely wrong. Our focus is too much on True Parents. Yes, they are great for having created the movement and for living as perfect a life as possible, but that doesnít make them the center of our church. We need to focus more on what they preach. Our devotion to them is what I believe the purpose to not only driving away people we witness to but also our own members such as myself. I donít believe in True Father as a God. Definitely a great man but nothing more. I say we rid the church of the old traditions of bowing to True Parents. We must adapt to the new age. Not change our beliefs but get rid of our tradition and pride. We must now focus on teaching beliefs, not teaching about True Parents.

My offering is to lead by example. As of now thatís all I can do. I canít witness to the church because I ma not fully devoted to it. Get rid of the family pledge, at least in service.

2nd Gen.

The witnessing summit was very moving and inspiring. The World Café was very innovative. It was a very interesting way to integrate the views of both 1st and 2nd gen. I believe through these strategies it will truly unite all generations and differences amongst everyone in this church. This being my first summit, I had a spiritual and connecting experience with those around me. Iíve grown mentally in just 2 days. Iíve grown spiritually and am beginning to understand our church and its missions. I am looking forward to the next summit or church event so I can build a stronger relationship with God.

Improvements -- offer more activities to attract more 2nd gen. Have activities in which 1st gen can learn and adapt to the ways of 2nd gen culture. Allow 2nd gen to take up more control and responsibilities (coordinating).

2nd Gen.

Most inspired things: I feel we need more witnessing tools that we (all of us, any of us) can use to approach people.

It is good to have clear strategies. I was shocked to realize that we didnít have one. About learning from other churches: I felt we need to know how they got where they are from the level that we are now. I think we can learn more from that than what they have now.

I wanted to hear reports from the World Café.

I shot almost all the speeches from this summit. I can make DVDs.

2nd Gen.

I realized how much energy, commitment, devotion and time it takes to bring one new member.

Offering: focus full-time on witnessing. Design and create resource centers in strategic location to appeal to young professionals. Create CDs (professional) sharing Fatherís words and music background, for secular and religious audiences. Bible study programs based on the Principle in my community for local market.

1st Gen business director from NJ

I was inspired as a 2nd gen. to reach out to people in need. When I heard Ares speak, I just thought that there must be other children out there suffering and we need to go and save them. Thank you for this opportunity to reconnect with God and my brothers and sisters.

Suggestion: I know we donít have a lot of time, but sometimes it would be nicer to have more time for the World Café. So that once people share there can be more discussion or further points made.

Offering: I want to offer more of my spare time to help towards this effort. I want to create time to offer toward giving my energy. One important thing I liked from discussion was to help BCs express their faith in a m ore clear way so they can talk to their friends. I am going to work together with another brother on these points.

2nd Gen.

Inspiration: hiring positions

Fatherís words about Ď08-Ď13

Volume of participants

Niceness/quality of venue and quality of food

Commitment of staff

So many young blessed couples


Discussion based core as opposed to presentation or unilaterally based core

Web site for specifically the summits

More designated prayer time

Make a Facebook group

e-mail circulation, newsletters

donít be afraid to be strict about time/punctuality

I really want to be staff for the witnessing summits but I fear that being in Brasil will remove me from consideration.

But more importantly, I want to offer my experience with logistics, organization, personal assistantship and efficiency. In addition, the ease I find connecting to people has opened so many doors for me, and I believe it can open more through the venue of the summits.

I think we need to have more national summits and look into the idea of regional summits. I agree that we need focus and also patience. I love the incorporation of personal experience we include at the summits. Marrying theory and practice is difficult but weíre doing it. The moral of the story is that I want to offer my focus, professional standard, and warmth of heart.

2nd Gen. from LA

It was inspiring to see a group of people that really are trying to make a difference and being sincere about it. Most of my friends in the church are pretty negative about the church and even though I may have differing views from them, slowly that became who I was. It was definitely refreshing to see so many people that were inspired to make a difference and it gave me hope and made me want to be a part of it and separate myself from my jaded past.

Not sure if I have any suggestions. This was by far the best event Iíve attended where 1st and 2nd gen came together. We just need more of them.

Iím not sure whatís out there for me to help, but I definitely want to do something. Most likely Iíll start from my local church.

2nd Gen.

Inspiration: In the past summit as well as this NJ summit, what really inspired me was the dialogue and sincere openness in which the two generations have shared their feelings and views on how to effect change in our movement. Thereís a tremendous feeling of support and understanding.

Suggestions: Better music! Possibly early contact pre-summit in order to coordinate who will be on the music team. I know itís not the focus during the summit but it definitely adds to the spirit people can feel.

Offering: I can always offer my musical abilities and performance. Anything to do with creativity, self-expression.

2nd Gen from Hawaii (LA)

It is very important and valuable event that I attended.

Renew my faith. Got great ideas for my small group on witnessing efforts.

Suggestion: systematic education program for in-reach and outreach along with a workable checking system that can evaluate personal faith level and improvement.

Developing local outreach programs such as games, sports, music, competition that can attract people.

Offering: I will develop a process system that I can bring Chinese community to learn our movement through Service for Peace, competition events.

2nd Gen. Blessed Couple

We need a dummy-proof model of how to set up different witnessing programs, with steps teaching the 2nd gen how to create their program. Each program can be modified according to the location o where the program is displayed.

Someone, either a 2nd gen or 1st gen with a 2nd gen (called initiators; they should get paid) should go to that area that wants to set up a program. Gets everyone involved. Begins the program till the point the community feels able to keep the program running by itself.

The leaders will come forward in the community because God will send them to us. The leader will be the most inspired, excited, with a heart longing to do Godís will. The initiators will train them how to follow the model and encourage them to be creative. But if at any time the leader has to leave the community or step down, he or she will have to select someone else to take his place and stay with them until they feel comfortable with the program. Also a 1st gen in the community will be elected to guide the 2nd gen. By this I mean the 1st gen will not do the 2nd gen math homework. The 1st gen will teach them and be there for any questions or concerns and always give on going support, love, and prayer.

2nd Gen from DC

I came to this summit before. My sister wanted me to attend so I came along. I received something I never thought Iíd have -- determination. I started a 21-day prayer condition Friday night, because of Rev. Schankerís prayer on the beach. Iím determined and inspired to witness to my fellow Christian friends. It will be difficult, yes, but I believe I will persevere.

Suggestions -- have more summits internationally. There are plenty of members outside the US who will enjoy this experience as have I. Two, in a web site that looks good, states all the upcoming events and workshops, has testimonies, has pictures of events, links al the BCs to share ideas, comments and blogs. Create an actual movie (not documentary) about a man that represents fatherís life.

From this point on I plan to offer everything I have to the movement. Whatever unique skills I present, let be used by the church.

2nd Ge.

I was personally moved by the testimonies of 1st and 2nd gen, especially that of Ares. It was very moving to learn how people of all backgrounds could be reached through members and the Principle.

Also the talks on PR and media were very productive. I hope to see us use lots of things and ideas offered.

Suggestion: The last day was good, but I feel there were one too many breakout sessions. Also, if the discussions were ended on time would have helped the program flow better. I am personally ready to offer through one-to-one witnessing as well as inter-religious activities and CARP outreach efforts. Also, I may volunteer to lecture at local DP workshops if needed.

2nd Gen. from Mass.

Inspiring is the communication between 1st and 2nd gen and the wantingness to work together. Also meeting other 2nd gen who are sincere in wanting to contribute.

Have more 2nd gen giving presentations on ideas and things that have worked. Because 2nd gen are creative, thrifty and ambitious and know more than 1st gen what can work with our generation and can inspire each other more. So more 2nd gen presentations.

Music ministry development in Boston area. Outreach through music. Also, if ever pianist/singer/songwriter is needed, any musical component needed, my services are available 100%.

2nd Gen from Rhode Island

I was inspired by the coming together of our family and exchanging efforts, ideas, and material, for witnessing.

We should empower members by initiating activities during the week to enhance our witnessing efforts. We can have such things as international dinners, testimonies, music, poetry reading, show videos about witnessing activities taking place. We can invite not only 1st gen/2nd gen, but family members, friends, etc. I believe that this can help bring members together to enhance the focus.

I can help/contribute time for witnessing and helping also with the witnessing activities.


I was inspired and moved by the personal testimonies of 1st gen, especially Ares Myers and the articulate overview of Jin Kwon Kim. I was blown away by the musical score and radiant beauty of How to Get Spiritual Help, and I was intrigued by Jonathan Gulleryís proposal for using videos.

Suggestions: we need regional and national musical festivals to feature the music and the poetry of Unification members. These events should include our friends in other religious communities. These can support witnessing indirectly. The products (CDs, DVDs) of the events can be used in fundraising.

Need separate worship events for young adults. There should have been more performance and interactive elements.

Write and promote the spiritual history of each locality. Recruit volunteers to record the church history of all churches in each locality. Work creatively with other churches to do this, then organize regional events. Then invite general public to lectures on how spiritual word has been working in the region over time.

I can help write the spiritual history alluded to in 2 above. I can help draft and edit text needed for materials.

1st Gen.

Inspiration -- talking with our national leaders. I think that the grassroots movement of 2nd gen should not be institutionalized, but must still somehow connect vertically. How? Blessed families support for CARP programs.

Suggestion: A presentation about something besides Scientology. Most free time for networking.

Offering: Work with parents together. Reach out to friends, distant BC friends. Peace Day activity on campus. Camp Sunrise overhaul. Weekly prayer for peace with campus leaders.

2nd Gen from NJ

Inspired by show of unity of all 200 members to do what needs to be done to create a great witnessing program for America. Inspired by belief of everyone that we can do this!

We need more breaks. Iím exhausted and I canít think on the last day.

Provide us with World Café questions in packet so we can prepare. More time efficient.

Please try to choose a location that has places outside such as coffee shops etc. open after lectures, have activities of fellowship. We rarely see each other.

Unification news -- we are creating an online e-UNews. Iíll explain it over the phone how this can be a great role for UC-USA community. Witnessing column, reporting national efforts, communication tool, sharing progress.

2nd Gen from Canada

The spirit and the environment created was tremendous and needs to be recreated in teach local community, in particular the sharing of the music. This should actually be a built-in occurrence in our lives in our communities. The testimonies and panels were great and provoking and penetrating into the shell of our protective shields around our hearts. Aunt Sheri and her presence really makes one feel comforted and supported in this effort. Rev. Jenkins also was inspiring in his final talk showing commitment to this purpose.

The spirit of everyone involved was really the highlight. The opportunity to be part of a group with hope, vision and inspiration is truly important to any cause, that people would and could believe.

Bring this locally, a group that could would help tremendously as not every community could support an effort, but this in the sense of it being a revival in all crucial to the health of the community success of this effort.

To bring back what I got to my community and make a concerted effort to go and witness to people in our communities and families. To be courageous, willing and able to be open and vulnerable to being hurt or rejected and being willing to transfer my heart to what I need to do.

2nd Gen. Youth leader from NJ

I came feeling pretty low in enthusiasm and hope, but quickly became inspired by the spirit of the 2nd gen. It was also inspiring that so many people came up to me who remembers me from my pioneering work in Maine and New England 30 years ago. The World Café sessions were a great way to think of ways to contribute and I remembered I do have ways to contribute. The testimonies also touched something deep inside me. My heart may have a crust on it but I know there is a life inside.

The idea of 1st and 2nd gen working together is so inspiring. Iíve felt so separated from youth work for so long. Now I hope to work together in some capacity. More World Café sessions. More sincere testimonies. More expressions of hope to save our "lost" 2nd gen. More practical plans to reach out to the youth of our nation.

I know you want to hire mainly 2nd gen., but please consider this old soul. Iíd like to contribute in any way I can. Ask me for my resume! You could save my family by offering me a job that will ease the financial burden on my wife. Iíve been looking so long that I almost lost all hope. I think I have a lot to contribute -- teaching, mentoring, HR skills, budgetary, etc.

1st Gen from DC

Dialogue. Cooperation between 1st and 2nd gen. Sheriís guidance. Cotterís and Schankerís presence, fully involved. World Café. Schaufflerís hoon dok. Gulleryís presentation and gift (five stars). Testimony of Ares was the most powerful moment. Participation of our president, and his focus talk. Noah, Hunter, staff and crew.

Keep it up. Follow through. Ask for help form us on a one-to-one basis.

Musical offerings, from start to finish. Whatever help you need, please contact me.

1st Gen from Nebraska

Inspiration: seeing the 2nd gen. getting involved and inspired. Brainstorming and flow of ideas. I was interested in the different points of view of both 1st and 2nd gen. The musical spirit getting everyone involved; itís always a good idea to raise the roof.

Suggestion: Some people didnít come because they couldnít afford the $150. No one should not be able to come because of money. We need scholarships or get the people in the area to open up their homes. Sleeping bags on the floor are better than not coming. I couldnít bring my children because of the expense.

Offering: I have ideas about following up after a person hears the Principle. I will inspire my husband to help put a web site together to teach the whole DP online to 10,000 or 100,000 people, then follow up.

We need another national summit here in NJ, later Philadelphia. We need to get these church leaders to inspire all their members to come. I was so upset to see only NY leaders here. Why was the membership not pushed to come. If you have another summit, I will call all the 25 Long Island couples and inspire them and their children to come. Letís do it again.

1st Gen Wife and AFC leader from NY

I think I was initially inspired by the unity of 1st and 2nd gen. in this summit. It is a rarity to find an event or gathering where both generations are on exactly the same level and have a clear goal they want to strive for. I feel the church will never have the ability to get as far as we want without the harmony of 1st and 2nd gen working with cooperation. (The beach prayer after each day was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what we learned.)

Educate myself more. To come to the point of expressing my faith to others I first have to know it clearly and then find out ways to share it freely with others. I want to be more active and helpful in events or groups designed for witnessing. I can find more opportunities anywhere, everywhere.

1st Gen Wife

I sense a convergence between departmental leaders and 1st and 2nd gen on attitudes toward outreach.

It would be helpful to highlight ideas from the World Café during the summit.

Help to promote and organize mentor couples for CARP/2nd gen college students.

1st Gen Elder Brother from Ithaca

Talking with parents, hearing their stories, their perspective being able to develop a model trusting relationship.

Clear picture of how we can all work together as well as a clear idea of what we are working toward. We established the fact that we should unite, which is good, but it seems like things are a bit more complicated than it seems. We should possibly have models of successful witnessing featured, being that this is a witnessing summit. Presentations were informative but in some cases broad. Advice on specifics would be helpful. Anyway, thought it was pretty good stuff.

Building a community when witnessing can be free and natural rather than laborious work.

2nd Gen.

I can really see our movement coming closer together as a family through talking openly with each other and especially during the World Café sessions. I like that we could talk so openly together about a common goal and that we can and want to support each other more.

Suggestion -- that we can have more and be with each other more so we donít feel so alienated from each other.

Offering: My focus on witnessing to young people. I am going to college and work, but any free time I like to help out.

2nd Gen.

I am so grateful that I was able to attend this summit. I have a lot of hope and excitement for our future. It is so inspiring to see 1st and 2nd gen, local community leaders and HQ working together under True Motherís vision for America. Rev. Jen_ins remarks were powerful and I hope I can get the video recording to share with my brothers and sisters.

One of my greatest blocks to witnessing is confidence and continual support and education. I have never heard 21-day content, so how can I teach others? Thank you for addressing these issues at the summit.

Another related suggestion is to have more access to various content, photos, audio, video. So much of our movementís history is recorded by rarely displayed or shared. I would love to have Motherís testimony in the Bahamas.

I want to help in any way I can. My strengths have been in organizing, technology, and coordination, but I love being involved in education and content.

It is important to educate oneself as the elder son and use a common theme to bring unity and focus to our nations. True patriotism has been lost in the USA due to politics and corruption. We need to love this nation to raise it up.

2nd Gen. from NY

Iím happy to see communication among 1st and 2nd gen. The structure of the World Café is a good way to facilitate that. Will the notes be published somewhere?

Suggestions: It seems there are many different initiatives that people are working on or piloting, but no central theme to connect them.

Iíve been thinking a lot about America. It feels within the movement there is not much cohesiveness, as a nation. 2nd gen Americans donít feel much affinity toward our country, as we are often told what a satanic culture we live in without being expressed how great our nation is. On the societal level as well, the pride in our country has decreased and young people arenít that hopeful about America because of Iraq, worldviews on America, the government, etc.

Therefore, my suggestion is to create a theme centered around bringing the country together and raising the morals of our people both in and outside the church. Restoring "Godís Hope for America" or some theme centered around Fatherís speech. I think we need to be reminded of our roots as a country, the righteous ideals it was founded on. We often hear about how America plays a pivotal role in the future of the world, but itís hard to feel it.

Iíd like to see development of education on what it means to be an elder son nation, true leadership (true Abel), connection to the civil rights movement in America (especially as we will be holding the GPF at Washington where MLK, Jr. spoke). All said and done, I think part of building the momentum in the US will require getting back to American roots and raising the morale of American 2nd gen and young people in general.

Offering: Love to help the planning and development committee. Lecturing and education.

2nd Gen. from Maine (SF)

This is the 2nd summit Iíve attended. Even though the content and schedule was very similar to the last summit, I felt I could really build upon and deepen my understanding of and desire to witness. I feel this workshop is also a safe haven for the healing between 1st and 2nd gen. Being able to share and listen with each other.

Throughout the 4 summits I think there are now obvious weaknesses that need to be strengthened and the needed improvements have been condensed and clearly spelled out. Seeing this progress helps all who attend to have refreshing energy and hope to initiate a strong surge of witnessing.

I strongly believe we will be successful. Thank you for all who prepared and invested to make these summits possible.

Mike Jenkins

Especially inspirational were the prayers at the beach, Rev. Schankerís prayer at the beach.

Suggestions: more summits. Once a year nationally and quarterly in the different states.

Offering: Iím going to do a 40-day prayer/DH condition to fill myself up with Godís word. Iím going to get a case of "How to Gain Spiritual Influence" and give it to my friends. Iím going to look into organizing a trip to Israel for BCs and college age students. Iím going to start writing a book that can be a tool for witnessing.

2nd Gen from NJ

I am so grateful that I was able to attend this summit. I have a lot of hope and excitement for our future. It is so inspiring to see 1st and 2nd gen, local community leaders and HQ working together under True Motherís vision for America. Rev. Jenkins remarks were powerful and I hope I can get the video recording to share with my brothers and sisters.

One of my greatest blocks to witnessing is confidence and continual support and education. I have never heard 21-day content, so how can I teach others? Thank you for addressing these issues at the summit.

Another related suggestion is to have more access to various content, photos, audio, video. So much of our movementís history is recorded by rarely displayed or shared. I would love to have Motherís testimony in the Bahamas.

I want to help in any way I can. My strengths have been in organizing, technology, and coordination, but I love being involved in education and content.

It is important to educate oneself as the elder son and use a common theme to bring unity and focus to our nations. True patriotism has been lost in the USA due to politics and corruption. We need to love this nation to raise it up.

2nd Gen from NY

Iím happy to see communication among 1st and 2nd gen. The structure of the World Café is a good way to facilitate that. Will the notes be published somewhere?

Suggestions: It seems there are many different initiatives that people are working on or piloting, but no central theme to connect them.

Iíve been thinking a lot about America. It feels within the movement there is not much cohesiveness, as a nation. 2nd gen Americans donít feel much affinity toward our country, as we are often told what a satanic culture we live in without being expressed how great our nation is. On the societal level as well, the pride in our country has decreased and young people arenít that hopeful about America because of Iraq, worldviews on America, the government, etc.

Therefore, my suggestion is to create a theme centered around bringing the country together and raising the morals of our people both in and outside the church. Restoring "Godís Hope for America" or some theme centered around Fatherís speech. I think we need to be reminded of our roots as a country, the righteous ideals it was founded on. We often hear about how America plays a pivotal role in the future of the world, but itís hard to feel it.

Iíd like to see development of education on what it means to be an elder son nation, true leadership (true Abel), connection to the civil rights movement in America (especially as we will be holding the GPF at Washington where MLK, Jr. spoke). All said and done, I think part of building the momentum in the US will require getting back to American roots and raising the morale of American 2nd gen and young people in general.

Offering: Love to help the planning and development committee. Lecturing and education.

2nd Gen from Maine - STF Witnessing leader and lecturer in SF

This is the 2nd summit Iíve attended. Even though the content and schedule was very similar to the last summit, I felt I could really build upon and deepen my understanding of and desire to witness. I feel this workshop is also a safe haven for the healing between 1st and 2nd gen. Being able to share and listen with each other.

Throughout the 4 summits I think there are now obvious weaknesses that need to be strengthened and the needed improvements have been condensed and clearly spelled out. Seeing this progress helps all who attend to have refreshing energy and hope to initiate a strong surge of witnessing.

I strongly believe we will be successful. Thank you for all who prepared and invested to make these summits possible.

2nd Gen. from D.C.

Especially inspirational were the prayers at the beach, Rev. Schankerís prayer at the beach.

Suggestions: more summits. Once a year nationally and quarterly in the different states.

Offering: Iím going to do a 40-day prayer/DH condition to fill myself up with Godís word. Iím going to get a case of "How to Gain Spiritual Influence" and give it to my friends. Iím going to look into organizing a trip to Israel for BCs and college age students. Iím going to start writing a book that can be a tool for witnessing.

Second Gen.

Inspiration: The heart of the people involved in this summit. I think despite any differences we have in opinion I know we all have the same desire to help God and True Parents. Also I truly believe that there is change on the horizon and we can do this.

Suggestion: I think we need to really focus on the education of 2nd gen from to really create a culture of heart that we can spread. We are supposed to be family united under TP vision and God. We arenít there yet. We have to educate our blessed families to be true representatives of TP as well as extending our witnessing efforts. A system of education is essential.

Offering: I want to work in the film industry. I believe changing culture through entertainment and media needs to be a focus of our movement. I want to help with PR and marketing in terms of the GPF and any other organizations that need it.

2nd Gen from LA

Inspiration: healing of 1st and 2nd gen. Building of family -- extended becoming focus that which we had 30 years ago. Definition of what is meant by witnessing and how or for what the new members will be used.

Suggestion: Repeating this summit many times with extensive advertising of it to membership; so many did not know that this summit was occurring, why they should attend or what the schedule of content would be. I had difficulty knowing the content and would have brought many 2nd gen who lost out by not coming.

Offering: God has been plaguing me that I have to gain 10,000 new members myself alone. I have a plan but the effort and time to do it alone has been challenging. I have put together 40-day workshops, can teach DP or teach new members to teach. Can give inspiring sermons. Have large house that could be used as a workshop/retreat, in the countryside, near beaches. Can develop self-teaching system of 40-day content. Background in Islam. I can teach how to witness.

1st Gen. AFC leader

I enjoyed sharing and listening through the World Café format. I do have a renewed sense of possibility. It may not happen overnight but I realize I must let go of my past experiences and for-drawn conclusions. I realize that for that to happen I need to give of myself. The weekend is short but Iím inspired by the new people I experienced or heard. I do have the desire to get to know more people and make that connection of heart.

I suggest having more such gatherings. Also I suggest setting up a website for this effort. I helped set up the website Itís the kind of website where you create an account, have a profile and can interact through a forum. Iíd suggest setting this up and inviting all who attended to connect through this site.

I work with a brother who can set up a website like this with a template. I can contact him and help make this happen. My heart is drawn to making music, multimedia and culture. Iíll work on a grassroots level to make more connections with others with similar interests and keep working to improve my efforts.

1st Gen. former CARP Leader

I was really inspired to hear all of the ideas from everyone about how they feel they can contribute. Seeing the hope in peopleís faces when they spoke about their ideas or in listening to others was really joyful and inspiring. I feel like the hope and commitment spread so easily throughout the room. I was very touched by the genuine communication and the atmosphere of unity that was created.

I would have liked to have more time to fellowship with others informally whether through activities organized as part of the weekend or just created in the moment during free time.

I can sincerely commit to creating an arts movement in NJ that can be duplicated and spread to other places. I see this as a way to bring people to the truth through the avenue of art but also as a way to raise up 2nd gen to realize their dreams, those that feel art is their calling, create an avenue for them to use their talents and passions for God.

2nd Gen NJ

Being here was a real eye-opener for me. Iíve been struggling with my purpose in life and as a 2nd gen my future. I was really inspired to see so many concerned, loving 1st and 2nd gen getting involved and wanting, yearning for a positive change. Iíve been looking for this in my own church/movement. Thank you to Rev. Schanker for allowing me to come to this.

Suggestion: Keep this open, listening conversation going and flourishing in our community. I felt my voice has been heard, when so many other times it wasnít. Thank you. I just hope that 1st gen can really pass on, encourage, and support the 2nd gen in our lives and mission. I want to get involved with witnessing and learning how to do this. My STF experience was so short and unfruitful. I want to have an amazing experience with God. Please trust me to do a task and to fulfill it.

2nd Gen. from D.C.

Would like to see the content on a new website, especially 2nd gen and new members testimonies. Why? So I can show them to other people, spread the buzz. Donít put this content on Suggest you make a new website.

The most valuable aspects of the summit were:

Amount of time spent on finding what participants needed -- questions, discussion time, World Café, bottom-up focus, not top-down.

Great to spend time with 2nd gen, good to be able to better understand my own children.

I have invested a lot of time in studying and also practicing about small groups, and am willing to offer 1, 2-day seminars on best practices for small groups. We have a small group ministry in Westchester, NY; we are a good resource for communities who want to jump-start their small group ministry for community rebirth and enrichment, reaching out to former/fringe members and those in particular need of support.

1st Gen.

The World Café was a source of good spiritual nutrition providing the forum for 1st and 2nd gen to sit at the same table as members of the same family discussing ways to better our movement.

I cannot make any mention of what needs to be improved until I utilize what I have heard to my outreach.

I believe the improvement of my own life will greatly improve our community.

1st Gen NY leader

Iím grateful for this witnessing summit -- mainly a gathering of people dedicated to Godís dream. I could feel the hope Miken expressed, that weíll be coming together more and more, united as one family and all the 2nd gen.

I can see we can learn incredible things from each other and we have TP and True Family to lead us.

My focus is empowering college-age 2nd gen to be all they can be and I think that will be the best witnessing effort.

Suggestions: Make "development committees". More support for education development. More talk between all departments. That is long overdue.

Second Gen. CARP Leader

This is the start of historic change in America. With complete unity of the 1st gen, who long ago dreamed of having a blessed family, and the 2nd gen, who are the realization of Godís love generation, America can become the stepping stone for worldwide blessed families and the Kingdom of Heaven.

1st Gen. NY Leader

Inspirations: Sheriís talks. Rev. Jenkinsí closing remarks. Rebeccaís breakout about being a spiritual parent. Joy breakouts, dancing.

Suggestions: Rev. Jenkins speak on the first evening. More time for 1st, 2nd gen testimonies -- 3 each. Always next to the ocean. 4 people to a room is too much. I couldnít sleep. More time for individual prayer. Jonathanís booklets available for purchase.

Offering: I will offer more prayer. I will share this with our Bronx members. Follow-up with my contacts and neighbors.

1st Gen. NY Leader

I was totally inspired because I felt 1st and 2nd gen coming together and I have hope and especially Iím concerned with this.

Suggestions: have more programs where we include both 1st and 2nd gen together, and perhaps at one of our HDH small groups. We will, can bring both together.

Offering: My experience (Iím 64). I cried often. Now I cry, Iím so grateful to Heavenly Father and Mother and to all, especially for this workshop. We can give to HF, TP and all.

2nd Gen.

Inspiration: communication between 1st, 2nd gen. Joy breaks. Value of 1st-2nd gen unity. Getting into the mindset and heart of young people today. Hope that we have the heart to love enough and succeed

TP heart and culture can impact America.

Suggestions: do the compilation and strategic direction but also plan 4-6 more this year while momentum is still building to engage, move BCF. We may better implement directions and guidance to witness this way. These future summits will have to results and content to share to multiply the districts.

Offering: witness. Help facilitate any way needed for 1st and 2nd gen communication in our district. Study to have more to offer by teaching and facilitating witnessing successes.

1st Gen.

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