The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Happy Birthday True Parents

Michael Jenkins
February 12, 2008

Dear Family,

True Parents Birthday was celebrated today with great joy. The Pledge service began at 7 am at the Peace Palace with several thousand in attendance. True Parents entered looking vibrant and healthy. Father and Mother were wearing traditional Korean attire, Father in dark blue, Mother with a blue dress with a red jacket. All True Family and representatives of all nations and faiths offered bows of respect to God and True Parents.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak opened the celebration with a beautiful review of Father and Mother's life course. He reminded us that Father came on the foundation of the Old and New Testaments and the history of God's providential preparation through all faiths. Jesus was the center of this history but because of the rejection he couldn't establish the True Parents on the earth.

God called Father on the foundation of Jesus promise to return. Jesus appeared to Father and gave him his mission. Christian spiritual groups had prepared to receive Father. His family was a family of great patriotism and yet Rev. Kwak reminded us that when a family is chosen for such a heavenly mission so much suffering must come. As a patriotic family of the March 1, 1919 Independence movement Father's family was bitterly persecuted and lost everything.

True Mother's mother was part of that spiritual movement preparing to receive the Messiah. She was born into that environment and her mother, Dae Mo Nim, received a message from a spiritual leader named Mr. Kim who prophesied that her daughter would be great and the bride of the Lord. She also received in revelation that there were great threats and trials that would come to the life of her daughter and that she must prepare through conditions to protect her. She received that she should raise her as God's daughter.

When we think of this history and providence from the time of the fall through the course of Jesus to the establishment of True Parents - we can realize that this birthday celebration is most meaningful.

True Father is now 89 (by Korean counting which considers the time in the womb as the first year) and True Mother 66 (by Korean counting). Both are in perfect health and in fact stronger than ever, leading the Global Movement of True Love, True Life and True lineage to realize "One Family Under God."

After the morning meeting the Ambassadors for Peace from the Universal Peace Federation came for the 10:30 thru lunch event. Current Prime Ministers and heads of state and respected religious leaders gave their respect to True Parents. Gifts were presented by each continent. North America's gift was the famous print of the painting of George Washington in prayer at Valley Forge by the famous painter Arnold Friberg.

The special production was signed by the artist. (Father has spoken about that prayer many times as the prayer that God heard that allowed America to be born) Amb. Rita DiMartino and Dr. Yang presented these gifts. The first lady of Tanzania as well as many distinguished leaders presented gifts representative of their continents and nations.

It was a great celebration. The former President of Korea University testified that a major publication just ranked True Father among the three most important Korean leaders for the future of the nation. Father delivered a new version of the Pacific Rim Era message. It was well received.

The banquet was filled with Joy. Dr. Frank Kaufman, Dr. Andrew Wilson, Dr. Gordon Anderson and Dr. Shimmyo presented the newly completed New World Encyclopedia after a stunning video introduction on the project along with Rev. Kwak's introduction. It was fascinating, an highly referenced scholarly work with values perspective. True Parents were so elated.

The birthday celebration concluded with fine entertainment from Japan, Russia, Asia, Africa, South America and North America. (Larel Sayre Nagai made America proud with a beautiful solo that was very uplifting and inspired.) We concluded the celebration with three cheers of Mansei. All of the Ambassadors for Peace from over 100 nations were very uplifted and further committed to bring peace in their nations and the world.

Happy Birthday True Parents.

Let us celebrate sincerely God's blessing, love and grace extended to us through our True Parents.

Thanks America.


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