The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Youth Sponsorship Sunday

Michael Jenkins
April 12, 2008

Dear Family,

This Sunday, April 13, 2008, we will have a national "Youth Sponsorship" drive. We want to ask each community in America (all 50 states) to raise money to sponsor five youth (college age or above - seniors in high school acceptable) to come to the National Witnessing Summit on April 18 - 20.

Each youth will require airfare ($300) and registration fee ($180). Roughly we should raise $500 per youth.

Please show our hearts to lift up young leaders of our movement. Now is the time to commit to the next generation, and the experiences in the summit are giving all great hope.

Here are excerpts from some reflections from the last Summit.

Thanks, America.


Reflections from Witnessing Summit #4
New Jersey - Jan. 11-13, 2008

"I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to attend this summit. I feel it was a new beginning for me and I see a great future for our movement and for America.

Thank you for listening to the 2nd generation. I feel that it has been a healing experience and I want to share it with my brothers and sisters and ask for the support of my uncles and aunts. No more judgments. Let's love one another.

Thank you all the ones who shared their feelings and ideas at the World Café. Special thanks to Dave hyung and Ares hyung for their sincere testimonies. I believe many of our 2nd generation should hear such testimonies and connect with their heart as it did to me.

I know God is very happy to see 1st and 2nd gen working together. This is the way for our movement.

We should have more summits! Let's work together for God, True Parents and all Blessed Families.

Thank you. Thank you Heavenly Father and True Parents! Thank you Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Rueter and Amy Cox for allowing me to be here!

I really enjoyed the World Café and the different views that were put out there. I really hope that action could be taken to implement the ideas that were thought up.

The most inspirational for me was the amount of participation the 2nd gen. gave with their hearts and not just because they were forced to. Also, what inspired me most with the 1st gen. was how many are actually trying to make a leap forward into helping True Parents and the world.

Most inspiring portion was Sheri's introduction and sincere, genuine heart and mission statement of this conference. Give and take with 1st and 2nd gen. centered on stimulating and relevant topics/questions.

I feel inspired to reach out to and love, search for a deeper love for my 2 nd gen brothers and sisters at all places and levels. Change my heart of judgment to a heart of total offering/sacrifice.

I was very inspired by the honesty of the summit. We were clear about where we are at, and what we need to work on. A lot of good ideas were put forth.

I was so inspired to see so many 2nd gen and to be able to share our hearts together as Unificationists through fulfilling the schedules. World café session is one of the best methods to break through our realities. I gained such a hope in realizing the ideal world.

My main inspiration during this summit was being around others in open discussion and communication. The word "family" is used very often among members but the term has been almost hollow. Seeing a passion to bring everyone together, in the sense of a real extended family under God was truly inspiring, and something I haven't experienced in quite some time. It's inspiring to see not only a commitment to improve our movement, but improve ourselves and those around us as well. Creating an environment where we can lift each other up is really remarkable.

The internal drive of the summit was very good. The spiritual foundation and backing of this evening was very apparent. I almost don't want to make logistical suggestions because there is no way to avoid problems like that. My room was a bit crowded and it was really hard to sleep.

I am inspired by the energy and drive of this summit. I really believe that our movement is ready and willing to make the changes needed to make the movement open to new people. Also I am hopeful that our attitude will change. Now someone who witnesses will be the norm, not a hardcore exception. I was also inspired by the cooperative approach of the summit. I am always more inspired to build and create something using my unique approaches and abilities than when I follow a cookie-cutter method. I also liked the focus of the sessions, especially the emphasis on staying on topic in the World cafes. Maybe with that focus we can start working efficiently.

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