The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Youth (College Age and Above) Witnessing Summit in San Francisco April 18-20

Michael Jenkins
April 14, 2008

Dear Family,

Young leaders of America, please join us for an experience of joy, celebration, good music and honest sharing about how we can make our movement explode with excitement, love, and joy and in the process attract thousands of young people to the heart of God.

Seniors in High School or older are welcomed. There is plenty of room. We will go to the waters of the Bay Area in a most beautiful environment. Older generation, do you want to see the young people of our movement happy and filled with hope? Please sponsor them for the Witnessing Summit in San Francisco (Burlingame), CA. Don't miss this opportunity. Sponsor the young people of your district. They need airfare and the $180 registration fee. Please send the youth of America. It starts on Friday, April 18th, at 5 pm and ends on Sunday after lunch. The registration link is below: //

Rev. Sheri Reuter, David Hunter and other key leaders of all generations are going.

Thanks, America,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Make yourself heard. You have a voice!

5th National Witnessing Summit - San Francisco
April 18-20 Embassy Suites - Burlingame, CA

As a long-time member, college or high-school student, your attendance will help shape our movement. We need your help.

In response to True Mother's direction, four National Witnessing Summits have engaged 1st and 2nd generation members across the country to contribute ideas and inspiration to reinvent our national movement.

If you've been hoping for a chance to make a difference, now is the time you can do something about it. The 5th National Witnessing Summit is not just about witnessing, it's a chance for you to express your concerns and build a new community together.

You CAN make a difference. REGISTER AT:

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