The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Young Adult Testimony from San Francisco

Michael Jenkins
April 26, 2008

My Experience of the Witnessing Summit "Realizing the vision, passing on a legacy of love" S D

This past Witnessing Summit was a really good and needed experience for me, our community, and the whole nation. There are no words to truly express the feeling of the summit. The feeling of being able to see 1st and 2nd generation working together, striving to help this world get back to our Heavenly Father, striving for people to see the importance of True Parents and our time, and striving for our long lost brothers and sister to finally be reunited with one another. This was the feeling of the Witnessing Summit.

The Witnessing Summit brought about a new spirit in our movement, a revival of both 1st and 2nd generations. A reawakening to who we are and the mission that God has been trying and trying to bring about ever since the fall of man. A mission of bringing his children back to their Parent, a mission of love. A mission that has never been able to be fulfilled, up until now with our True Parents. Never before have we, the 1st and 2nd generations, been able to come together in such a harmonious way, walking hand in hand, as God had originally planned it. We broke through all the hate and resentment in our own families and identified what really needs to be worked on.

We realized the need for proper education of our Second Generation as well as the need to have older brothers and sisters who are strong in their faith and conviction in God and True Parents. The need to have strong parent-child relationships and the need for us to be educated through the Principle were also reaffirmed.

We found ways for our movement to truly express who we are, as one family under God. Through the media, the internet, workshops, centers, Sunday worship, etc. we worked on finding new ways for us to bring back our long lost brothers and sisters, into a warm welcoming environment, where they can truly feel Godís love as they have never felt it before.

But the most important thing was that we did this as one family, one family under God. It was one of the most amazing experiences that I have had in my life. That was my experience of the witnessing summit.

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