The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

True Parents Return after Hyo Jin Nim's 40 Day Course, HDH on Sunday at East Garden

Michael Jenkins
April 26, 2008

Dear Family,

Today we are about to participate in True Parents' celebration and return to East Garden. True Parents have arrived exactly 40 days from the time of Hyo Jin Nim's passing, which means this key transition period has been completed. We always see that the path of our True Parents is according to providential time tables. Let us deeply welcome True Parents to New York at this time. A special luncheon for people who are responsible for key organizations has been organized to welcome True Parents and to welcome Hyun Jin Nim back from his successful six-nation tour.

Tomorrow, on Sunday, April 27th, Hoon Dok Hae is totally open for all members. We sincerely ask that, tomorrow being a Sunday, all who can please attend this first public Hoon Dok Hae with our True Parents. We are so grateful for this incredible springtime blessing in which we can receive this opportunity to show America's love for our True Parents. We will gather at East Garden at 4:15 am. Don't forget your FM radios. Please park in Belvedere as shuttles will be organized.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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