The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Invitation to 7-Day Level DP Workshop May 31- June 8 (9 days)

Michael Jenkins
May 9, 2008

National 7 Day Workshop

This workshop provides a great opportunity for young people (18-30) to have a deep experience with the DP in word and practice.

Please consider.


Attached Message
From: Walter Frank, Jr.
Summer 2008
7 Day DP Seminar and Adventure Workshop in N. California
May 31 to June 8 (9 Days)

Information Sheet for Members

This is an opportunity for our guests, young members and 2nd generation to study the Unification Principle in more depth.

Goals for participants:

Develop a relationship with God
Connect to God's heart for one family under God
Come to understand the time we live in and why God's needs us
Come to understand and appreciate who True Father is and the value of the Blessing.

This seminar will take place in a wonderful setting in the beautiful country side of Yuba County (near Sacramento). It will be an opportunity to experience the culture of heart, discuss life's fundamental questions and discover oneself out in the solitude of nature and in the company of other like-minded young people from around the country.

Who is this Seminar for?

This seminar is for young adults (18-30) who have a desire to study the Principle, develop a relationship with God or just have a desire to develop their spiritual life. Whether they attend for the first time or just want to refresh their understanding. (This seminar can be a great experience for any 2nd generation to rediscover their faith.)

We strongly recommend that all participants have at least been taught the introductory level of DP (2 day level). This seminar will assume participants have this level of understanding.


Yosemite Adventure Saturday May 31 to Monday June 2

We will start off with a challenge hike in Yosemite. This will give everyone an opportunity to reflect upon one's life and bond as a group.

Everyone should arrive at the Campsite near Yosemite (TBA) Saturday Night
Hike on Sunday
Monday Morning leave to Splat Hill
DP Seminar at Splat Hill June 2 to June 7
Monday Evening Orientation and Introduction
Tuesday to Sunday 7 Day level DP content
Concluding Sunday evening
Guests attending from distant areas could return on Monday

Seminar Fee: $400


Each participant needs to be recommended and approved by the District Director. Ideally the spiritual parent should attend, however that can be discussed, case by case. If you and/or guest plan to participate in this workshop, please contact us immediately at the District 12 office in Pasadena House. Upon the approval by the District Director, a participant should submit registration with fee to the Bay Area Family Church, 2305 Washington Ave., San Leandro, CA 94577.

Camp Information

Splat Hill is a beautiful camp located in Yuba County near Lake Collins at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


We will cover the 7 Day level content of the DP, geared to young people with additional internal guidance (Spiritual health, Meeting with God, Prayer). Presentations will also cover Father's course and an explanation of the Blessing.

Goal and Desired Outcome
For all participants:

To receive a good understanding of the DP,
Come to at least know and appreciate who Father is and the value of the Blessing.
Discover a new relationship with God
For their hearts to be moved by the culture of heart through experience
To make a commitment to a life of faith, commitment to purity and desire to study DP on a more advanced level
To gain a passion to contribute to world peace
Commitment to a mission

Follow up

40 day or 21 day DP and Actionizing from June 9 to... Possibly attending the College Age Workshop from June 16 to 25 could be a part of the Actionizing program.

Minimum commitment to join a small group

For More Information call Markus Von Euw.

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