The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Farewell and Victory Celebration Service for Dr. Yang and Rev. Dong Woo Kim

Michael Jenkins
May 19, 2008

Dear Leaders and all Brothers and Sisters,

We had a beautiful farewell service in Washington yesterday. Mr. Joo and many key American leaders joined together to honor and congratulate Dr. and Mrs. Yang for their victorious course in America and the new mission as President of FFWPU Korean.

We will have the National Farewell and Victory Service for Dr. and Mrs. Yang on Tuesday, May 20 at 7 PM in the New Yorker Grand Ballroom on 34th and 8th Ave.

All leaders of FFWPU, UPF and related organizations are invited as well as FFWPU members. This will be a service and celebration only. Please have dinner before you come. Estimated time - 7 - 9 pm.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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