The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Inauguration of Dr. Kim - Saturday, June 7, 4 pm Washington

Michael Jenkins
May 30, 2008

Dear Leaders and all Family members,

The Inauguration of our new Regional President (Continental Director) for FFWPU North America Region One will be conducted on Saturday, June 7th at 4 pm at the FFWPU USA National Headquarters city of Washington D.C. It will be held at the Washington Family Church National Cathedral on 16th and Columbia N.W.

All leaders from all related organizations nationally and all families and members from the Washington D.C. District are invited and expected to attend. Please confirm your attendance.

On Sunday, June 8th at 11am Dr. Kim's first sermon will be given at our New York 43rd St. Headquarters Sanctuary. This will allow his ministry in America to start in Washington as America's capital and our National Headquarters. The Sunday address in New York will connect this new providence to True Parents American and International Headquarters of New York from which True Parents devoted 34 years of their heart and sacrifice for America and the World.

Dr. Kim is looking forward to meeting all family members and wants to give everyone True Parents' love and encouragement. He and Mrs. Kim just completed 24 years and 2 months in Asia and they are bringing to the American movement tremendous wisdom, victory and fortune for God's Providence at this time.

All District Directors are to attend both the inauguration in Washington and the New York Sunday Service. We will have a District Directors conference on Sunday afternoon and all day Monday at 43rd St. in New York.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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