The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

2nd Anniversary of the Entrance Ceremony to Open the Chung Jeong Peace Palace

Michael Jenkins
June 13, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today, June 13th in Chung Pyung, thousands gathered to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the opening of the Chung Jeong Peace Palace. Two years ago today the final Crown of Peace Ceremony was held with Ambassadors for Peace as representatives of all faiths and all nations honoring True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace. The Chung Jeong Peace Palace Entrance Ceremony was conducted signifying that God could dwell on the earth permanently through the realm of three generations of the establishment of the True Family and unity of all Blessed central families including Ambassadors for Peace and Faith Leaders.

The 7 am service was very significant. Dr. Chang Shik Yang, our beloved leader and now President of FFWPU Korea was the MC. True Parents entered to applause and lit the 7 candles. True Mother was in traditional Korean Dress with a dark pink dress and rich blue jacket. True Father looked tan, strong and healthy in a dark suit and orange tie. Father has become ageless and absolutely more confident and sure than ever. Honestly, Father is actually leading us with even greater power than when he was 60.

The traditional Kyung Beh was offered for the holiday. True Children and the wives of the great saints bowed together. Then all Blessed couples bowed. Then the three primary nations - this time Rev. Kwak - as Spiritual Advisor directly from True Parents to Korea, Rev. Tokuno - newly appointed leader of Japan, and Rev. Jenkins - representing America. The new Continental Directors then offered Kyung Beh followed by representatives of all great religions and the Cain and Abel realms of heaven and earth. Mr. Joo, Dr. Walsh and other key leaders each represented historic areas of the providence in this ceremony to give thanks to God. After the reciting of pledge Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and his wife, Co Presidents for FFWPU International offered a beautiful prayer of gratitude for True Parents and the Heavenly Peace Palace.

Father spoke very briefly but it was with great seriousness. He said we must understand how important the next five years are in which God's dispensation must be filled. He asked True Family and all leaders to totally unite with True Mother and to offer Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience as she will lead the providence. Father also emphasized that the 2nd Anniversary is so historic and important as it signifies God's era of being able to dwell on earth permanently through the True Parents, True Family and all Blessed Couples who fulfill their purpose before heaven. The Peace Palace is the central place from which God will expand the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (Cheon Il Guk) and realize True Love and peace for all humanity.

Dr. Yang concluded with reading an article praising Sun Jin Nim who has just received her bachelors degree in Psychology from Harvard University. True Parents were very happy at this unexpected report. It was then mentioned that 8 of True Parents family went to Harvard. They did it with their own determination, no one asked them to do this. They are all to be greatly commended.

Rev. Im, the leader of Japan concluded the ceremony with three Cheers of Ok Mansei.

10 AM Formal Program With Ambassadors For Peace

When the Ambassadors for Peace came from the ILC conference for the 10 am program True Mother read the Peace Message. True Mother was more beautiful than ever. We can feel how much Mother is leading us now.

Then a well known congresswoman from Korea gave a deeply moving testimony. She She was at Ehwa University when she observed all the persecution of Rev. Moon. She saw from a distance how Father was persecuted and had a small following. When she came to the United States and saw the incredible foundation of True Parents on a world scale, leading the world to peace, she was overwhelmed and then became a great supporting of True Parents as the ones who can bring peace between North and South Korea and the world. It was deeply moving. Founding President Sir James Mancham of Seychelles gave a beautiful congratulations to True Parents. He opened with "Good Morning". Father then said so that everyone could hear, "GOOD MORNING". Father was pleased with Sir James testimony and leadership of the UPF as the President of the Presiding Council.

Father gave recognition to all who had just completed missions and had begun new assignments. First was Hyun Jin Nim for victoriously completing the mission as leader of World CARP. Then Hyung Jin Nim was honored for becoming President of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International. Then Rev. Kwak was congratulated for completing his mission with FFWPUI. Then Regional Presidents of UPF and Mrs. Erikwak were congratulated. All received plaques from our True Parents. The New Continental Directors were then honored, Dr. Yang - Korea, Rev. Tokuno - Japan, Rev. Byung Hwa Kim - America, Dr. Seuk - World Missions, Dr. Dong Woo Kim - Oceania, Rev. C. Shik Yong - Asia, Rev. Otsuka - Eurasia, Rev. Ji - Africa, Mrs. Erikawa from IW to America to IW to Japan.

Father encouraged all National Messiahs to chose one of their sons to succeed them. He encourage Rev. Jin Man Kwak to bless all of Mongolia and officially become the national messiah of Mongolia. He encouraged Mr. Joo to think about raising one of his sons to be his successor. History is moving now centering on the King and Queen of Peace. We have 5 years to fulfill so much. Let us give all of our hearts.

Brothers and Sisters - True Parents are leading us in such a fresh, new, exciting and heavenly way. Through changing all the leaders Father has created a new feeling everywhere in the world. One in which we must have faith in God and not in our own ways. We must cling to Gods love and heart and unite together.

We are blessed in America to have the new leadership of Dr. and Mrs. Kim who are bringing a new level of fortune and victory for the providence here.

Thank You True Parents.

Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary of the Chung Jeong Peace Palace!!!  

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