The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Greetings from Paraguay - the Global Peace Festival is a total success here!

Michael Jenkins
July 6, 2008

Dear Ambassadors for Peace,

The Universal Peace Federation is convening the International Leadership Conference in Asunción, Paraguay from July 2 - 6. I am here with dignitaries from all over the world and particularly from South America. This is being held in conjunction with the Global Peace Festival to be held on July 5th.

The whole nation is excited about the Global Peace Festival. The nation's top leadership including a great number of members of the parliament are participating in the conference and the Festival.

The spirit of Global Peace and "One Family Under God" has touched the hearts of both the leaders and the people of this nation. Current and former heads of state from many countries of South America are here.

All newspapers carried major features about the festival and the service programs in Asunción in which thousands of youth have participated. The line for tickets for the Festival stretched for 10 blocks in the pouring rain a couple of days ago.

The Global Peace Festival is lifting up this nation and all of South America with the consciousness of Peace. As the Festival now will be held in every continent it is clear that a new paradigm for family and peace will be lifted up for all faiths and all humanity. The time has come for Peace based on One Family Under God.


Dr. Michael Jenkins

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