The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Car Accident: Now is an Intense time in God's Providence

Michael Jenkins
July 22, 2008

Dear Family,

This is a very serious time for America and all Blessed Central Families. Please be careful and pray.

John Dixon is fine as is Megan but here is the note from Jim Flynn.

Please give your all for heaven and pray for the protection of all who are doing God's will.



Hi Rev. Jenkins

This morning John Dickson and his daughter Megan were in a serious car accident as they were on their way to the office. Their car was stopped in traffic on the on-ramp to the highway when it was rear-ended by another motorist. Both John and Megan were taken to the hospital, but will be OK. Both are being treated for whiplash injuries. John's car was totaled.

This is another reminder of the intensity of this time, and the need for care and focus.

Thanks, Jim Flynn 

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