The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Request for Offering from all Blessed Central Families - by Sunday, July 27

Michael Jenkins
July 24, 2008

Dear Family,

Thank you for your faith. As you know from current events both in the world and within our family and movement -- this is a time when we must be prayerful and united in heart together. The Global Peace Festival is building an amazing array of partnerships for peace and family. Our Family Church is one of the core partners of this effort and we ask that all blessed central families give this their full support.

Now is the such an important time for us to give our most sincere devotion to set the conditions that America can fulfill its role as the Elder Son Nation. It is in this light I sincerely ask every blessed couple to complete the $700 offering by this Sunday.

Please send this gift to the District Headquarters by July 27, 2008.

With True Parents Love,


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