The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Please Offer Everything From Your Heart

Michael Jenkins
August 3, 2008

Dear Family,

The currents of history are flowing rapidly now as the time of God's Providence comes to its culminating point in the era after the coming of heaven. We thank God that True Parents are safe and they overcame such a trial. With this in mind, Dr. and Mrs. Kim and I sincerely thank you for efforts and heart to support the providence. We also sincerely ask you to continue to pray sincerely for America. We ask that you also make sacrifices and conditions that will allow this nation to rise up and fulfill its destiny to lead the world to peace as the Elder Son Nation.

In Washington over 120 brothers and sisters have come to assist in this effort. The Washington Community is in full support and many breakthroughs are occurring. For example, Rev. and Mrs. Edwards have been visiting new ministers together and calling every pastor they know throughout the nation. From that effort Mrs. Edwards brother who is a prominent minister in Dallas completely changed his heart toward this movement. For many years he was critical of his brother-in-law and sister for their association with us. He didn't understand what they were doing. It was a heavy burden for Rev. Edwards family. Then during the GPF preparations, Mrs. Edwards sincerely asked him to come and see what this was all about. He came with great reservation. When he saw the many clergy, like Rev. Abernathy, Rev. Pyle and so many that he had known over the years totally engaged he completely did a 180 degree change. He saw that this effort is the work of many partnering organizations and it touched him. This kind of change is quite inspiring. In addition when he became positive he began calling many ministers to come (he is well connected.). Many new pastors came and immediately had a great experience.

The same thing has now occurred in other faith communities and circles. There is much more to share.

We sincerely ask every family to give your time and your financial support right away. Please give more than the suggested amount. Give as much as you can through your District Headquarters.

Thanks America.


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