The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

The Washington DC Global Peace Festival was a wonderful Experience

Michael Jenkins
August 12, 2008

Dear Family,

I sincerely want to thank all of our blessed central families for your support of the Global Peace Festival. We had a wonderful turnout filling the west lawn of the Capitol. What a historic venue. The Interfaith leaders were recognized on ABC TV which highlighted the fact that for the first time in the U.S. high profile faith leaders from Palestine and Israel reconciled.

Our Ambassadors for Peace and Clergy were magnificent and the District Directors and our state and family/community pastors and leaders did a wonderful job.

Hyun Jin Nim was very happy and one key staff person reported that the GPF USA surpassed his expectation. His wife Jun Sook Nim also said - "He never says that!"

Congressman Matt Salmon and Congressman Fauntroy (a Republican and a Democrat were Co -Chairs.)

This was a genuine partnership / coalition effort. Famous faith leaders such as Joseph Lowery and great Ambassadors from many embassies had wonderful reflections. We thank all of the 150 partnering organizations who supported. UPF, Points of Light, the Washington Urban League, the Kingmaker foundation for their contributions to make this a success. Also 1000 churches also joined in partnership. We are going to do another GPF in October. All our related " Federations" were partners. Special thanks to David Caprera, Jim Flynn and Mike Leone for holding the course to victory and to Dr. Walsh and the UPF Intl. Dr. and Mrs. Kim were amazing in their ability to give key advice and guidance based on the success of the Philippine GPF.

Also an amazing gathering of 400 youth let by the Co Chairs of the Youth Council Justin and Kenshu also launched a service and interfaith outreach that really touched the Washington metro area. The Ambassadors for Peace led by Mrs. Gail Payne and Rev. Francis did much to demonstrate unity and diversity for Peace. The Children's Cloth of Many Colors engaged the children for peace with the help of Mrs. Alexa Ward and the WFWP. Archbishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards and Bishop Kim brought 4000 from area churches, Including 500 clergy.

The Districts of NJ, NY, Ohio, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta of course WDC all engaged greatly supported the festival - thanks to our Districts. All other Districts gave all they could.

The American Leadership Conference did a lot to give understanding concerning the founding principle of America and the role of faith community.

Attached is Dr. Lowery's Speech (pdf) - we are transcribing his actual speech which departed from the text in a most inspirational way.

Highlights were Grammy award winning performers Yolanda Adams and David Phelps. The Children's Cloth of many colors and the Interfaith component. Special thanks to Rev. Paul Murray who led us with steadfast clarity toward the objective of Peace, Family and Compassion. Also Rev. Mark Farr and Rev. Phillip Schanker made a partnership for service that engages many DC agencies and the National parks and all.

We are now part of a beautiful movement for Peace now launched and growing in America. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon's message makes Americans feel proud of what God has done through America for the world.

Thanks America.

We are building a beautiful movement for Peace, Family and Compassion.


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