The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

God's Love Sweeps America

Michael Jenkins
August 14, 2008

Rev. Jenkins is the president of FFWPU in the United States and is accompanying In-jin nim on tour. (Some content was added by In-jin nim's office.)

Our True Parents' appointment of In-jin Moon as the chairperson of HSA-UWC and FFWPU ushered in a new era of leadership for the North American movement. In-jin nim is traveling throughout America bringing True Parents' love, spirit and heart to our communities. Educated at Columbia University and Harvard Divinity School, In-jin nim is also the mother of four sons and one daughter. She is particularly well known for having home-schooled her children from elementary through high school. Her eldest son is finishing a master's degree at the University of Edinburgh, and she has one son and a daughter currently at Harvard University. Her two youngest sons, ages fifteen and eleven, continue to be home-schooled. Given her accomplishments as a scholar and as a mother, In-jin nim has the qualifications necessary to move FFWPU to a completely new level. She is professional, clear and extremely intuitive about the direction that True Parents desire America to go in during this new age.

During the week, she works tirelessly on HSA and FFWPU responsibilities while at the same time continuing her work as the CEO of Manhattan Center. Then on the weekends, she is traveling all across America to meet with the members. So far, she has been to New Jersey, Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. In each community, she first meets with the blessed children on Saturday evening. She tells them how special they are and how special their parents are. "You may think your parents are tired and poor but do you know that they are actually heroes? What kind of people sacrifice everything and dedicate their lives to making the world a better place? People who do such things are nothing less than real heroes. And, you second generation, because of the blessing, you are each handcrafted by God; each one of you is uniquely special. Don't complain about your parents; honor them by studying hard, becoming successful and returning love to your parents."

In-jin nim tells the young people about her love for Hyo-jin nim and his vision of the importance of media and entertainment in communicating the message of our True Parents to the world. She shows an exciting promotional video she recently created about the Manhattan Center. Manhattan Center has two concert halls connected to audio and video recording studios as well as several television studios and post-production editing facilities, all of the highest standard. Some of the most important people in the media and entertainment world use the Manhattan Center and thereby develop a better and more positive understanding of True Parents. Manhattan Center's accomplishments give our young people a vision of how to be successful. In-jin nim encourages them to follow True Parents' way and then to become the best in every field-religion, science, business, education, the performing arts.

After speaking, In-jin nim asks each and every blessed child to introduce themselves and speak about their hopes and dreams. In Los Angeles, she listened for hours to the aspirations of over a hundred and forty young people between the ages of twelve and thirty. The gleam in the eyes of those who came onstage was something we had never seen before. In-jin nim is raising up our American youth. She tells them, "I believe that anything is possible. Even one of you, as the historic election of Barack Obama shows, could be the future president of the United States!"

On Sunday morning, after a 5 AM Hoon Dok Hae, In-jin nim gives Sunday service to the entire community. She speaks about True Parents and their deep love for America. She also speaks about her brothers and sisters and how all the True Children are working together in support of True Parents. In-jin nim speaks as a mother with a calm and loving voice. She shares her own testimonies about her life of faith and the constant effort it takes to create an ideal family. She tells the members that she wants to help them create loving, joyful families and a healthy, growing community.

In-jin nim's message is so hopeful and loving and yet so down to earth and humble. She offers practical advice from her own experiences on raising a family that many parents use to help strengthen their own families. One mother named Gloria from New Jersey wrote, "I admire you so deeply as an individual and as a mother. You did an amazing job with your children and you now stand as a role model for all of us who are raising our families. In particular, I really appreciated your advice on holding weekly family meetings. Our family has started to meet once a week. Our kids are still young ranging from age nine to age fifteen and they all love it. You are totally right. We need to give our children a chance to express their feelings and the whole experience has made us a stronger, more loving family."

In Los Angeles, In-jin nim attended the Witnessing Summit where some blessed children brought two of their friends to listen to and meet with In-jin nim. These two young people could not feel a close connection to True Parents, but when they met In-jin nim and heard her message, they experienced a powerful and immediate connection to True Parents and joined the witnessing team. In New York, another mother shared about her daughter's experience after hearing In-jin nim's Sunday service. "Mom, I never could fully understand why you and dad dropped everything to follow True Parents, but after hearing In-jin nim speak today, I am ready to drop everything and follow In-jin nim in service to our True Parents."

After Sunday service, there is a talent show featuring our younger generation. The talent show is always a surprise because so many second-generation members are truly gifted. Moreover, the opportunity to perform for members of the True Family makes the occasion truly special for those performing. During lunch, In-jin nim listens to reports and reflections of many key members as they speak about the work that has been developed in their many-faceted ministry-from Family Fellowship (Hoondok Family Church), through the Young Adult Ministry to Sunday school and youth programs. Starting in New York, In-jin nim greets each member, individually and personally, sometimes standing for over three hours. She apologizes to those who wait hours to meet with her, but the members tell her they are so grateful to her for the chance to personally meet her.

On Sunday evening, after a long day, In-jin nim often has dinner with the elder blessed couples of the community. In San Francisco, In-jin nim touched the hearts of many elders when speaking of the tears and suffering of our True Parents. She knows that there are times in our lives when we may be misunderstood, neglected or even rejected. But she said that those are the times that are most precious because they strengthen and develop our relationship with God.

In-jin nim encourages everyone to understand that the course taken by those in the first generation is not simply to be repeated, though we ought to respect those that went through it, uplift them and appreciate their sacrifice. Those in our second generation should now build on that foundation. They are not to rebuild it, but expand it. To do that we now must connect the world to True Parents' lineage. We realize we must communicate our message in the most effective way.

We are having a profound experience in the American movement as completely new dimensions of God's love and of True Parents' love are now coming personally into the heart and soul of each blessed central family. We sincerely thank True Parents from the bottom of our hearts for having the vision to appoint their daughter, our elder sister In-jin nim, as a heavenly woman to lead God's providence in the eldest son nation. In-jin nim's ministry together with Hyun-jin nim's work as the chairman of the Universal Peace Federation, Kook-jin nim's work as the chairman of the Korean business foundation, Sun-jin nim's work in Japan and Hyung-jin nim's work as the spiritual head of our movement and the international president of FFWPU heralds new hope for our worldwide movement. We express our gratitude to all the True Children and their families for all the love they have demonstrated toward True Parents and to all of us. This is certainly the era after the coming of heaven. 

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