The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

National Leadership Training Program

Michael Jenkins
August 16, 2008

Attachments: NLTP booklet

Dear College Age Adults,

The National Leadership Training Program (NLTP) has proven to be one of the most effective programs in the American movement for young people who are college age to be trained and prepared for leadership in various organizations within our movement.

We strongly recommend this activity. Most students take a semester off from College. They will find their careers, grades, focus and future greatly enhanced and strengthened. I encourage all college students to consider this sometime during your four year undergraduate course. Also, those who are college age but not in college now will really benefit from this training. You will experience a new understanding of your identity and the enormous potential you have if you have the right vision and plan for your future.

Please consider. The next session begins in September 1st. Graduates return to school. Some will become leaders in various organizations. It is a winner. Don't miss it.



P.S. Below is the invitation letter to parents and college age youth with some requirements and attached is the adobe file that gives NLTP VISION AND TESTIMONIES.

Dear College Age Youth and Parents,

Thank you for your hard work.

As you may already know, Advanced Education and Training VP Rev. Mito, been conducting a special leadership training program called NLTP (National Leadership Training Program) for the future leaders particularly for current college students and for recent college graduates. As God’s Providence expands centered on True Parents and the three generations of the True Family, we need to raise many qualified leaders, especially among 2nd generation and help them gain a strong sense of vertical alignment as well as encourage the development of their external skills.

We strongly encourage you to consider sending potential future leaders who can be your local Youth Ministers, FFWPU and CARP leaders, assistants, and eventually your successors from your District to the NLTP program. After being trained, these participants will return and will become very valuable assets for each District.

Please encourage young college age students and those who are not in school to take advantage of this amazing program Sept. 1, 2008.

Below is some basic information about NLTP.

Application for NLTP

* Current college students
* Recent college graduates
* 2nd gen members, young 1st gen members
* Graduating high school seniors may be acceptable case by case

* In general, the time period is 4 -- 12 months; participants may join from the beginning of September or the beginning of January.
* This time, we also accept new participants from Sept. 1, 2008

Program description:

Vision: NLTP will raise young leaders who will be the forerunners in transforming America and supporting the establishment of one God-centered human family

Mission: NLTP is a half-year to one-year program specializing in the education of college students and college graduates to become exemplary leaders who can serve and transform communities through the college campuses. We believe the foundation of leadership is a lifestyle of living for the greater good and the establishment of one’s own God-centered ideal family. Therefore, NLTP will provide cognitive and experiential education to challenge one’s limitations, practice a principled life style, and develop a God-centered viewpoint.

Program design:

* Internal Competence: NLTP provides fundraising and witnessing training to build up internal leadership capabilities such as “alignment to the vertical axial line”, “living for the sake of others”, “taking ownership”, “teamwork”, and “dreaming big”.
* External Leadership Skills: NLTP develops external leadership skills through hands-on training in designing programs and organizing projects.
* Guidance to establish ideal families: NLTP provides guidance to each participant to establish one’s God-centered Ideal Blessed Central Family, which is a necessary competency for any future leader.

For more information, or question about the application, please contact Rev. Mito.

Dr. Pyung Hwa Kim
Continental Director

Dr. Michael Jenkins
President, FFWPU 

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