The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

All College Age Young People Who Want To Give And Receive Joy - Go To LA!!!

Michael Jenkins
August 18, 2008

Dear Young People of the Movement,

A revolution of joy is occurring in LA.

Join in 2 weeks or more. First 20 (who qualify) to sign up will have costs to get there covered.

To inquire write Dave Hunter.

With Love,


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are inviting and encouraging all youth to join Jitoma Gavin, David Hunter and many others who are making a revolution in our movement.

Its an outreach initiative that is creative, fresh and is attracting many young people to get involved with our movement. They are utilizing our boats on the Ocean, Surfing, music, service and many other experiential means to connect with young people who want to make a difference and find meaning and value to their lives and what they do.

All young people College age and up. You are invited. Those with special qualifications - i.e. experience, commitment, lecturing ability, etc. can be sponsored.

Please go to LA. You can arrive by August 18 or anytime after that.

For details and information write: David Hunter.

PS - the first 20 who sign up and qualify will have all expenses covered to get there.



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