The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Request For Help For Houston

Michael Jenkins
September 19, 2008

Dear Family,

Let's organize to help the people of Houston recover from the hurricane. Here is our Houston Pastor Rev. Todd Marchants report via Rev. Hernandez. Jason Chide, our brother in Galvastan is a police officer there and stayed through the storm to protect the residents left behind. John and Joy Theriot are assisting many. Rev. Hayes church is always a lighthouse in the storm.

Please connect with Rev. Hernandez to help.

Thanks America.



Dear Rev Jenkins,

Here is a brief family by family report from Houston's leaders.

Todd Marchant.

In sum, everyone's okay, slight majority have no power yet. No major damage, except Chides in Galveston.

It took a while to get this full report -- what with power out. We've been calling ceaselessly and getting brothers and sisters little by little.

I've also got some great news regarding the get-up-and-go spirit of our brother John Theriot. I met with him and his wife, Joy on Monday afternoon for several hours. We spoke about Houston and witnessing and the need for dynamic leadership.

John and Joy expressed their heart to do something for the suffering folks in Houston - especially the congregations of our ACLC Clergy. John came up with an idea to raise food and aid packages outside grocery stores in the DFW area and then found a brother with a truck and trailer willing to drive them down to Houston.

Meanwhile he and his family went out to different stores and tried to raise these items. Managers gave permission to stage tables outside their stores.

They began in earnest on Tuesday and worked Wednesday. On Wednesday he spied a large Baptist Church across from such a location and decided to make a pitch for larger aid from them, since Rev Hayes and Keys have Baptist churches.

That big church turned out to be a dud because Rev Hayes didn't belong to their particular conference, but that pastor did tell John where to go in Dallas to talk to the folks of the Baptist convention that Hayes belongs to.

He visited there, hooked up Hayes with them via cell phone and they promised to send aid to Gloryland and the neighboring folks in S Houston near Hayes' church. But it wasn't certain or didn't feel so.

When John departed Thursday morning with his family back to their home in the SE Houston area (John had alre3ady received reports that his apartment was unscathed and his power had only been lost from Friday night to Sunday noon), he was a little down because he hadn't collected that much food.

But he called me quite elated after Pastor Hayes called him as he drove down. Hayes reported that the Baptist Assoc had commissioned a Red Cross truck to deliver 13,200 hot meals and water to his church. The truck had arrived and they were busy distributing this greatly needed nutrition to the distressed folks of the area. Aju!

I'll be in Houston tomorrow and will visit Hayes' church on Sunday, myself, together with my sons Hero and Marten. The Theriots will be there too.

Thank you for your prayers,


My internet does not work since the storm however, I'm at work today so I can use it.

As of last hearing:

Bohle No damage - still no power

Brewer No damage - still no power

Carr No damage - have power now

Chide You probably know that they had a lot of damage - we would like to go and help clean-up but even residents are not allowed on Galveston now

Exler I believe that they had no major damage but they still do not have power

Giorgio No damage - I'm not sure if he has power yet

Julieta No damage - she has power now

Hwangs No one that I've heard of has spoken to them yet. I don't image that they have power now -- it seems the when people don't have power, their land lines don't work either - cell phones only work sometimes. She also works for A.I.G.

Inchingolos They have power and are fine

Jumonjis They still don't have power but are enjoying board games together as a family for the first time

Kaplan Last I heard, she had no damage and no power

Kashiwa They have power and some house damage from leakage

Kayadu I don't know if they are back yet but have heard that their trailer was okay

Kirst They are fine and have power (as does the church)

Lea No damage and never had the power off

Lozano I don't know about them

Marchant A little damage and we have power

Matos Still no power

Minga No one has heard from them

Morehead A tree fell on their house, the carport was blown away. They also have no gas or power. He also works for A.I.G.

Munghor No one has heard from them

Realmo I think that they have power now

Snell They were staying with his mother but I believe that they have power now.

Minori also works for A.I.G.

Theriots They have power

Walkers I don't know - they did come for the resurrection ceremony

White They have power and minor damage

The church is okay -- we had about one foot of water with Ike and then Sunday night it poured all night -- so it was a lot of water -- Addicks reservoir is full and water was even over Hwy. 6 on Sunday. We had a little flooding in the library and the office. No trees down and just a lot of branches on the ground

There was a lot of destruction yet mainly mother nature carried it -- A lot of trees down or broken, branches down, etc. Most property damage was many fences and walls down, signage destroyed, and roof damage. It looked terrible but most was cleaned-up by the owners within 2 or 3 days. Now many street lights are still out, many neighborhoods and shopping areas also without power but it is getting to the point that one can get gas and food without too much extra effort.


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