The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Greetings From Kodiak

Michael Jenkins
September 23, 2008

Dear Family,

We are here with Dr. and Mrs. Kim attending this special time with True Parents in Alaska. Father and Mother look very good. Mother is still recovering from the accident but is healthy. Father's Hoon Dok Hae is as strong as ever and is centering on the "blessed family" and Chung Seong Gyeong. Rev. Krishnek, Rev. Hu (Alaska state director), Rev. Mira (Kodiak pastor) and all here with True Parents.

Dr. and Mrs. Kim are spending very precious time with True Parents concerning the providence for America. Dr. Joo (True Parent's special representative to America) and Rev. Yu (Hawaii) are here -- all are for a special purpose focusing on the Pacific Rim. Mr. Furuta and Mr. Kamiyama are bringing True Parents comfort through the successes of the many projects under them.

True Parents love America and are here to pray for America's role in the Pacific Rim Era. True Parents will also go to Hawaii to set a special condition to pray again for America and its central role in this Pacific Rim Era.



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