The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Greetings from Kona

Michael Jenkins
October 11, 2008

Dear Family,

We are in Kona now with True Parents. Father has called all the Cheon Il Guk special representatives and key leaders from many countries for a special time with True Parents and True Family.

We are receiving guidance on the providential course which we are walking centering on the Pacific Rim Era. Do not be confused at this time. God is guiding the world directly according to this historic period until 2013. True Family is rising to fulfill their course and expand God's providence centering on True Parents.

God's providential time table is unfolding centering on True Parents victorious course. Though there are great challenges at this time for America and the world we should not be disturbed. We are witnessing the final stages of the fulfillment of scripture and the destiny that God has mapped out for the world. People of faith and especially blessed families should strengthen their confidence and trust in God. The world must go through a period of trial and difficulty to allow for great people of faith to emerge to guide each nation to God. Everything is going according to the Principle.

Please have great courage that the path we walk is secured by heaven -- if America attends God properly in this time of trial -- America will be taken to a new level. The first step for America to attend God is that the people chosen to represent God must attend him. In other words the blessed families and people of faith are critically important at this time We must not waiver but understand that the weight and burden we shoulder is the burden to give birth to a new America and a new world. The response of the Mega-church pastors representing Christianity to our public sector movement is evidence that a new era has dawned. The interfaith leaders’ response is outstanding.

In 2000 on January 22nd Father stated:

The transition moment of the start of a new millennium marks the completion of the New Testament Age, the point at which the promises of the Old Testament and New Testament are fulfilled. The future will be a time when God's realm of direct dominion will become apparent through His omnipresence and omniscience. It is an age when the East and West will come together centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth as "one universe under God" so that a grand family of humankind is formed on Earth. This means the perfection of the Completed Testament Age, in which the promises of the Old Testament and New Testament will be fulfilled. The time has come. The time has come when America must awaken once again. It is time for the country as a whole to create a new movement to build true parents, true families, a true country and a true world centered on God. In this way, America must keep God from leaving, and again become a society that attends Him. God worked a thousand years to establish America. If He leaves America, where can He go? If America attends God properly, all America's problems - the family problems, moral problems, youth problems and racial problems - will be solved naturally. When America becomes a place where people of all races can live together in harmony, it will be a model for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Attendance is a matter of heart starting from our internal lifestyle of faith and manifestation of True Love in all relations -- from the family to the community to our heart for God, the nation and world. Most importantly the unity in heart of all blessed central families with True Parents and True Family and the representatives that Father has appointed such as the District directors and other representatives is a critical condition at this time to ensure that we "attend" the God properly. This special seminar beginning from today is designed to strengthen and enhance the unity of our global leadership with True Parents and True Family and to set conditions for the fulfillment of the Pacific Rim Era.

Please know that God's timetable is unfolding according to exact and unchanging providential conditions. The helicopter accident and the resurrection of True Parents overcoming death have profoundly secured the steps to 2013.



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