The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

In Honor Of Our Brother Lee Shapiro

Michael Jenkins
October 12, 2008

Dear Family,

21 years ago on October 9th, our great and courageous brother Mr. Lee Shapiro gave his life for freedom in Afghanistan. He was recognized by True Parents as the first American Martyr. When Father heard news of his passing he immediately stood at the table and asked everyone to join hands. He prayed that Lee would go to the highest realm of heaven and that his life would be an offering for God's providence. He was filming in Afghanistan and exposing the Soviet empire and its oppression there as he was sent to do so by True Father. He is a blessed brother that shines brightly from heaven.

Let us take a moment to remember Lee. His wife Linda did so much to support his mission and work. They never were able to begin family life together. Linda was blessed by True Parents with Frank Zokol and they have a beautiful daughter.

Shap is the greatest. As a personal friend there is no better. He was such a joy for everyone to be with at UTS in 1976-77. He served God's providence faithfully and finally was able to follow his life’s dream to be a filmmaker. His film on the suffering of the Miskito Indians was entitled "Nicaragua Was Our Home" won accolades. He lives in our hearts and is thriving in spirit. His memory and legacy of faithfulness and courage will inspire all of our future generations.

Mr. Tom Carter and many others have done so much to honor Lee and have established a memorial for Lee in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington D.C. where many famous American statesmen and patriots are buried.

Attached is a link to a movie about Lee's work with Carmen who is our sister and a fine medical doctor in NY.

Father recognized Lee's sacrifice as one of the key conditions that caused the Communist empire to collapse. 21 Years since our brothers great transition. He lives forever. We Love You Lee and we honor your sacrifice and patriotic spirit for America and God's Kingdom.

With Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins 

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