The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Special Providence unfolds in Hawaii

Michael Jenkins
October 12, 2008

Dear Family,

We are here in Hawaii. Rev. Jeong Ok Eu is teaching all the special advisors and representatives of the King and Queen of Peace to 190 countries. He is taking the 200 plus representatives here through a meticulous and profoundly insightful series of lectures on every part of the Divine Principle.

The Assembly is called "The 1st Proclamation Rally for the Completion of the Realm of Liberating God's Portion of Responsibility in Providential History." Through True Parents providential success God's portion of responsibility is now completed and True Parents, True Family and all Blessed Central Families will complete all final responsibilities and allow God to be comforted. Hawaii is like the Garden of Eden and therefore a new condition is being made centering on the word to launch the True Family and all blessed central families on a new dispensational level.


Rev. Michael Jenkins 

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