The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Special Request from Linda Shapiro Zochol

Michael Jenkins
October 13, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Mrs. Linda Shapiro Zochol has send me a personal note concerning a special award that Father gave her in commemoration of Lee. She left it with the CARP headquarters when she was called to go to Russia. When she returned she couldn't find it. It is described in here letter below. Let's pray and find True Parents official commemorative in honor of Lee.

All current and former CARP leaders - please communicate and see if we can find this historic treasure for America and for the Linda. Father named Lee the first American Martyr of our movement's history.


Dear Mike,

Father gave me a beautiful 12"x 12" x 6" enclosed wooden box. Inside was a golden and silver inscription of Lee Shapiro's sacrifice and courage having lost his life in Afghanistan. It had a 3 dimensional tiger in gold in chains that were broken. It was the kind of award that could be displayed in a museum. I loved it dearly!! When I went to Russia as a missionary, I asked the CARP office to keep it for me and display it. They said they would. When I got back several years later, I tried to retrieve it, but no one knew where it was anymore. One bookkeeper said that it was put in the New Yorker storage. I have never seen it since I went to Russia.

Could you ask members who may know where this award is or even has it to please contact me . I would be soooo grateful if I can get this precious award returned to me for history's sake.

Thank you for your concern and attention.

Linda Shapiro-Zochol 

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